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    • MisterFab
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      I`m mttsng player and I`ve got huge plans.

      November :
      2500 x sng/mtt
      12 x running (30 minutes minimum)
      9 x cycling (30 minutes minimum)
      9 x program from 100push-up (minimum)
      15 x hours of learning poker (analysis, films, trenings)
      4 x new blog notes (minimum).

      There will be a lot of: graphs, days plans, pictures for sharkscope, hm2 and a lot of more.
      Blog should help me in tracking my game and improve my english.
      Place the dot and enjoy !
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    • MisterFab
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      Let the november begin !

      In 180man skype group we create some concept to make a 2,5$ challange. You are cordially invited link . I had planned 2,5k games in november. I think I need to increase volume. I will know that after first week.

      Physical condition:
      I made push-ups test. My score is: 34 push-up`s ! I`m also after first trening.
      I starts here: link

      *wyniki testów - test results
      *serie treningowe - training series

      It`s steel around 10°C so running and cycling is not a problem too.


      What You suggest for 6-8 hours sngmtt sessions with 5-minutes only breaks ? Light meals, which I can prepare earlier. Durring the session I ate rice cakes, carrots cut into strips and drank water only. I want to add a little variety, because is going to be a tons of grind in November.

      Good luck at the tables !