I'm done playing at Mansion!!!!

    • 1seednoir1
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      These last days i'm having a downswing at Mansion poker, not because i play bad (yeah i play bad), but because of the fact that i can't stand the sofware no more. It's a heavy software taking too much space when u open many tables. The tournaments are poor. I love sattys but there are not much of them over there. The only pep's who take advantage of Mansion are those who play cash games and simple tourneys. for that, they have lose players to make money from. With my style of play i can't really play to loose players cauz i got tilted easily after. That's why my bankroll go up n down between 50 and 120$. I'm sick of it.

      I knoow it's not allowed to trade money here but can someone at least give me a link to a trading website. for info i've already tried the "fulltilt forum" and "moneytrader" with no success. Can someone help??? i'll really appreciate it!!!!
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