what is the most skillful and least lucky game of poker?

    • prime333
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      Okay, so if roulette is a 0% on the skill-meter and chess is 100%, what do the poker variations rate compared to each other? I am talking about NLHE vs PLHE vs FLHE vs O8B vs OMAHA vs STUD vs STUD8b vs TRIPDRAW, etc etc?
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    • BarryCarter
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      I'll get the ball rolling.

      I think fixed limit omaha hi/low
    • unshpe
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      Play money any form.
    • DannyJQ
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      I remember Daniel Negreanu said Stud has most skill invloved. I tend to believe that.
    • Walshnm
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      Probably a stud variant - primarily because it is limit and therefore pretty mathematical/low variance and also because it requires solid memory skills to remember opponents down cards (Especially live).

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    • xmiammiamx
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      my two cents: I don't know the answer as I've rarely played anything else than NLHE, but the "skill" of a game i.e: how much a strong player can outplay a beginner, is something different from luck imo. For example in tic-tac-toe there is no luck, yet that doesn't make it a skillfull game because the strategy is too simple.
      Similarly, because limit forms have less variance than no-limit ones on the short term, doesn't mean they require a larger amount of skill to outplay the opponent. It should be however quicker (less hand played) for the skill to manifest itself in the limit ones.
      There should be a difference made between pure skill (on the long term) and variance-adjusted skill (on a finite number of games).
    • SpiritMountain
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      First of all, games played at a table in a casino require the most skill because you're eye-to-eye with your opponents, not behind a screen. I'd tend to agree that 7 Card Stud requires the most skill and overall poker talent than any other game, but Texas Hold 'Em and other fast-moving games can also require highly skilled and composed play.
    • nsavov
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      Low variance is different from high skill gap. For example, PLO has bigger variance than NLHE, but it has a bigger skill gap aswell, meaning you can keep learning and adjusting alot more, because every hand is like 6 holdem hands.
      IMO the best skill game would be heads-up deep stacked no limit omaha hi/lo, or courchevel (if it has a hi/lo version), followed by holdem.
    • mbml
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      no limit games are tougher than limit for sure
    • jimmybass
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      Imo there's no better way to exploit blind aggression and general poor play than in Razz. Unfortunately Razz isn't very popular at low stakes or among poor players.