Hi, all

The following rule was modified to read as follows:

15 )Stakees can only have one application running at any one time. The stake must be finished in order to open another stake.
  To be considered "Finished" one of the following must occur:
     A post from the applicant stating that the application is Abandoned for lack of interest, or Withdrawn due to a change in circumstances.
     The Final Result are posted in the application, along with the amounts due each staker AND a statement to the effect that the money has been sent.
  An exception to the "One person On Stake" rule may be made by applying to the staking moderators before applying for the stake. An exception will be made if and only if ALL of the following are true:
     The applicant has a history of positive feedback.
     The request is for a single event that begins and ends during the period covered by an existing application
     All payouts from all previous stakes have been make.

This rule applies to all applications created from this point forward.
Even so, it would be appreciated if currently running stakes could be closed as specified where possible.

The purpose of this is to make it easier for potential backers to evaluate new applications. At the same time, it provides some flexibility for active players.

Your comments are appreciated.