Quickfire Saturday Night Staking App [Finished]

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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      Hi guys,

      Who am I and my History?

      Most of you all know me at this stage. I am Gary, 29 from the Rep. of Ireland. I've been a member here for 4 and 1/2 years and I've been working with PokerStrategy.com since July 2011.

      What am I looking for?

      This is my third staking application here. I am looking to sell 70% of my Saturday schedule on April 12th 2014. This is very impromptu, but I will have a free house tomorrow night as the Mrs is away.


      I've played poker for almost 10 years now and I've settled on playing MTTs for this year after I played some Hyper Turbo satellites earlier in January and February.

      I've had some good results in MTTs over the past few years. Some noteable cashes are as follows:

      • 3/30 in PaddyPowerPoker freeroll for $1,000
      • $750 + $850 package to Betfair Live Cork in September 2012
      • Chopped Betfair Live Side Event for €1,150 in October 2012
      • 2/4472 in MicroMillions 7 Event #36 for $5.2k in March 2014

      I'm feeling very confident at the minute thanks to that score in the MicroMillions and I hope that many more cashes are on the way.

      Some helpful links:

      My current blog

      Why do I need this stake?

      I want to test my self in bigger buy-in tournaments and thus prefer to sell some action.

      The stake:

      Here is the tournaments that I require staking for and I will play them on 12/4/14

      20.15 - $5.40 NL Turbo Knockout
      20.30 - Hot $55
      20.30 - $11 NL Holdem
      21.15 - $25 Hyper
      21.30 - $16.50 NL Turbo

      Total: $113 (rounded up by 10c)


      Minimum of 10% please

      10%: $11.30
      20%: $22.60
      30%: $33.90
      40%: $45.20
      50%: $56.50


      Buy 1% for 1% of profits < $3,999.99
      Buy 1% for 0.75% of profits > $4000


      I can only accept payments to my PokerStars account: UPAY4DINNER (Ireland)

      Payments should be sent anytime tomorrow Saturday 12th after 11.00am BST until 1 hour, 30 minutes before 1st tournament If not received by then I will buy your %


      I will create a rail thread here for updates and I will add all buyers to Skype where I will create a channel for railing/updating as well.

      Feedback thread is here

      If I don't sell, I probably will cancel playing tomorrow night all together.

      Thank you all for your attention :)
      Reserves: [30/100]

      HollyMichelle: 30%
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