[Coaching] From Zero to Hero - Master the Basics and Refine your Game

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      From Zero to Hero - Master the Basics and Refine your Game

      Time: Friday, 19:00 CET
      Status: The coaching is available from silver status

      You are just starting out in the poker world or feel like your progress is slowing down?
      Join this series of courses and up the ante by mastering everything you need to know to beat the microstakes and move up quickly.
      The courses are pointed towards beginners, advanced beginners and intermediate players.

      This is your course!
      You will get a chance to ask anything poker-related that's on your mind in a dedicated 5-15min Q&A block in the beginning of each coaching. If something is on your mind right now - post it in the thread and Bierbaer will cover it in the beginning of the next coaching.

      Concepts and Methodology
      • Crash course with most important concepts
      • Applying theory with hand examples
      • Applying the theory in live sessions


      Course 1: Master the Pre-flop Game
      In this 3-lesson course Bierbaer will introduce you to everything that is necessary to beat the microstakes - and more. Learn about open raising ranges, calling ranges pre-flop and how to master 3-betting. After covering the theory Bierbaer will demonstrate how to use pre-flop adaptions in a live session.
      Lesson 1: Open Raising & Calling Ranges
      Lesson 2: 3-betting Ranges
      Lesson 3: Crushing pre-flop - live

      Course 2: Mastering Poker Math
      In this 3-lesson course you will learn everything you need to know about poker math. Learn about odds & outs, implied odds, pot equity, fold equity and how to put it all together at the tables. In every lesson Bierbaer will first cover some theory, show you how to apply it on hand examples and then jump right into the action to put the theory to practice.
      Lesson 1: Odds & Outs and Pot Equity
      Lesson 2: Implied Pot Odds
      Lesson 3: Fold Equity - Learn to Bluff

      Course 3: Post Flop Play - The Definitive Guide
      In this 3-lesson course Bierbaer will show you how to beat your opponents post-flop. After establishing a game plan, Bierbaer will apply this game plan to different example hands. In the final lesson, Bierbaer puts it all to practice in a live session.
      Lesson 1: Thinking in Ranges & Post-flop Game Plan
      Lesson 2: C-betting vs Checking on the Flop & Barreling Ranges
      Lesson 3: Theory vs Practice - Live Play

      Course 4: Advanced Tactics
      In this 3-lesson course, Bierbaer will get your game to the next level by showing you some advanced moves and tactics pre flop as well as post flop. Learn all about the concepts and see how it is applied to actual example hands.
      Lesson 1: Light 3-betting
      Lesson 2: Donk Betting & Flop Raises
      Lesson 3: Light 3-betting and Flop play in acion - Live session
      Lesson 4: Exploiting River Ranges

      Here you can find recordings of the coachings:

      See you in the coachings!
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