Kill´em by the Numbers!

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      Hey guys, I´d like to invite you to my next coaching podcast - looking forward to see you there:

      Poker-Course: Kill´em By The Numbers!

      Podcast: Kill´em by the numbers - solving simple questions with CREV
      Podcast: Kill´em by the numbers - answering more complex questions pre / post
      Podcast: Kill´em by the numbers - analyzing the 3/4/5-bet-game BTN vs. SB
      Podcast: Kill´em by the numbers - complex range analysis with CREV on all streets

      date/time: 05.08 and 19.08, 19:00 CET
      status: gold+
      target group: NL25 - NL1k

      CardrunnersEV is likely the most complex and most powerful tool for analyzing complete game scenarios available. We can solve almost any given question with it´s help, only limitation is the time and effort we are prepared to invest. Starting with the very basics of the tool I will show you how to answer simple questions like "can I 4bet/call with AKo from MP when getting 3-bet from the blinds?". While digging deeper and deeper into this powerful program we will end up with a complete range analysis over all streets where we defend our BTN-open against a 3-bet from SB.

      Theoretical Concepts:
      • 4bet / call AKo from MP vs. BTN/SB-3-bet?
      • Go broke pre with TT from CO vs. blind-3-bets?
      • Setmine with small pockets (22-55) from MP vs. oop-3-bet?
      • EV when semi-bluff-shoving the flop with NFD in 3-bet pot?
      • What range to defend with from BB vs. BTN-minopen?
      • Preconditions to call strong hands on drawy turns rather than shove?
      • 3-barrel AK for value on AQ9s65 board in 3-bet pot?
      • How to play river with AQ on T76sAx?
      • Optimal BTN-defense-strategy vs. polarized SB-3bet?
      • How to construct ranges on all streets on 863s board in 3-bet pot SB vs. BTN?
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