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      Get Rich or Die Tryin'
      The Bankroll Challenge

      Dear members,

      We are happy to introduce you our newest motivational promotion - The Bankroll challenge. It's purpose is to make you set and reach goals, as well as build your bankroll!

      How can I participate?

      • There is a single condition in order to participate - you must create / maintain an active blog.
      • This promotion is not time restricted - can join the promo at any time - you just need to opt in in this thread, putting the following info:
      - Link to your Blog on
      - Your starting Bankroll
      - Your goal - the bankroll you would like to reach

      • The minimum goal is set at $1000 and you need to increase your bankroll by at least 5 times.

      • You can increase your bankroll with:
      - winnings from the poker tables
      - bonuses and rakeback
      - prizes won from poker promos

      • Every Monday, every participant must write in his blog a weekly report, including:
      - number of played hands / tournaments
      - weekly bankroll movements in USD or EUR
      - Current bankroll
      - How many weeks he has participated in the promotion

      • After creating this post in your blog you must copy it as a new post in the following thread:
      Get Rich or Die Tryin' - The Bankroll Challenge - Reporting thread

      What can I expect from this challenge?

      We will release a weekly news with the current results of all participants in the promo. It will contain a ranking of all players with their bankroll increase in %. Depending on that increase participants will have different ranks.

      Whenever a participant reaches his goal, he will enter a special "Hall of Fame" and will get a 1 month status increase (minimum to Gold).

      He can then decide to re-enter the promo with a new goal.

      In case a participant misses a weekly report, he will get a warning. If he misses a second weekly report, he will be out of the challenge and can re-enter after 4 weeks, starting with a new bankroll and goal.

      A participant can request up to two weeks of holidays by posting it in his blog and in this thread. In that case there will be no warnings on missed reports.

      Why should I participate in this challenge?

      There are several reasons as to why you should participate:
      - Competition leads to motivation - you will always have your goal in mind and will know why you are playing poker
      - You and your blog will get more famous in the community as we will mention the most notable participants in our news
      - You can get status upgrades and other surprises from

      Ranks in our Challenge
      % of goal reached

      Rang % of goal reached
      Rang 1 0% or downRang 751% - 60%
      Rang 2 1% - 10%Rang 861% - 70%
      Rang 3 11% - 20%Rang 971% - 80%
      Rang 4 21% - 30%Rang 1081% - 90%
      Rang 5 31% - 40%Rang 1191% - 99%
      Rang 6 41% - 50%Rang 12100%

      We wish you all the success in building your bankroll!
      Bankroll Challenge Winners
      UserBankroll StartBankroll GoalChallenge finished  
      Damlqv $300 $2,000 06.03.2015 Interview Blog
      nmilan84 $400 $2,500 06.04.2015 Blog
      bonecore $137 $1,000 05.08.2015 Interview Blog
      tonypmm $300 $1,500 31.08.2015 Blog
      husky333 $500 $2,500 21.09.2015 Interview Blog
      thazar $50 $1,000 07.12.2015 Interview Blog
      bonecore $400 $2,000 24.01.2016 Blog
      tonypmm $500 $2,500 24.01.2016 Blog
      SirPaulius $100 $1,250 01.02.2016 Blog
      DemonRax $33 $1,000 24.02.2016 Interview Blog
      DREAMC4T $1,000 $5,000 04.04.2016 Interview Blog
      CoreySteel $20 $1,000 15.04.2016 Interview Blog
      Mantelo $0 $15,000 16.08.2016 Interview Blog
      samni $180 $1,000 14.09.2016 Interview Blog
      BadBojo $1,000 $5,000 19.09.2016 Interview Blog
      KrisRukov $100 $1,000 11.01.2017 Interview Blog
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