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      About Me:

      I am 33 years old. My main job is PhD researcher in Engineering.

      I play poker for about 5 years. In my first steps in my poker career I used to mostly study the game
      rather than grinding. Watched many videos and read all the major poker books.

      However, I was still struggling at the micros, so I decided to invest in private coaching.
      I had several coaches, some of them from

      Private coaching helped me a lot to improve.

      Having that said, the critical point in my boost as a player came when I decided to take all the teachings from the private coaching and combine them with my research and personal strategy.

      Last 2 years I play mostly 6max NL Holdem, mainly fast formats (zoom and rush) -> check my progress here:
      wtf is downswing?? Keep your red line up and crush!! - asimos Poker Blog.

      My current limit is 200nl 6max zoom.

      My win rate is one of the highest in POKERSTARS in the toughest site and game format, although I don't put a lot of volume, since I have a very busy schedule .

      Recent Results

      Bellow you can find my most recent results of last year.
      I will be updating this section frequently :)


      I have a unique approach to coaching, similar to my unique approach to the game, that in my experience is not common.

      I am not going to spend hours talking about theory, rather I will give you exact practical strategy which will let you improve instantly your win rate.

      Although I play a kind of loose style, I do not like to force my way to the student. Each individual has his/her own personality and needs a different approach.

      In the coaching sessions I can do what ever the student wishes (hand review, video review, discuss theory etc)... but I have my plan which I highly recommend.

      To take the most of it I would suggest to book a 5 hours package at least because its simply impossible to condensate 300 hours of study in 1 hour.

      In the first hour I will have a review of your more recent hand histories, and after I spot your leaks we can go from there.

      Of course you can always book 1h first to see if you like me and if I can help you :f_drink:

      What I guarantee is that my advice will have a proven impact in your game.

      Stakes: up to 100nl

      My current rates are the following:
      1h = 130E
      5h = 600E
      10h = 1100E
      20h = 2000E

      Those prices will probably increase when I have a larger sample.

      Special Offer for 25nl players or lower

      I recognize that micro players cannot afford the private coaching, although they are those
      who will benefit the most of it. So, for now and only for a limited time period the following special
      offer is available:

      1h = 90E
      5h = 400E
      10h = 750E

      Coaching for profits

      This deal requires a high commitment from the student and the coach and it is a long term agreement. Each deal will be discussed in private. If you are interested, PM me (writing some details of you, i.e. win rate, how long you are willing to commit etc) and if I think we can cooperate I will come back to you :f_drink:
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