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[Bankroll Challenge] RukovGrind - more results, less excuses !

    • KrisRukov
      Joined: 26.06.2010 Posts: 135
      Hello RukovGrind gang !
      To all my old followers - well, you ask for videos in English and there you have them :) Thank you for your support !

      To my new readers and hopefully followers :

      I`m Kris Rukov and i am cash game coach for
      This will be my blog mainly for my series of videos "RukovGrind" where i will give you basic guideline how to escape the curse of the micros and start making some real dough :f_cool:

      I just got back from a lil` Vegas vacation where i met some amazing people and visited awesome places in Arizona, Utah and Nevada But most importantly i got to drive one of my favorite cars. I will be posting some videos and pics here that will not be poker related and i`ll be happy to see what are you guys up to and what amazing places you`ve visited. After all poker gives us freedom and this was the main reason i wanted to become a pro. I`m not stuck at one place. I can play in Spain today and in China next week. We only live once after all.

      About the challenge - from NL2 to NL50 in not too much time! :

      • Limit: I will start on NL2
      • Starting bankroll: $100
      • Goal: $1000
      • Bankroll management:
        - >UP - when I have 25 BI for the next stake
        - >DOWN - not going to happen! When I am down to 20 BI
        - >Main game Texas hold`em 6max cash zoom in PokerStars
        - >Bonuses will be added to the bankroll

      >Extra content : on top of the blog you'll get a weekly video
      You can also check out my videos in the video section of
      i will be posting the videos with 1 week delay - this way you`ll get a "taste" of what's coming up next week in this week's episode :f_thumbsup: [/list]

      About me :

      I don`t like talking about my personal life much but i`m 29 ( soon to be 30 ) from Bulgaria, funny, witty and sarcastic :badteeth: . I play up to NL500 live and up to NL200 online. I started playing poker seriously about 2 years ago ( 2014 ) and i had quite some help from a poker buddy. Now i`m playing mainly live hard and having fun harder. In 2015 i had about 15 students from NL2 and NL5, some of them got to play NL100 and the rest reached NL50 stakes which is amazing. Of course when a student is doing good it is not only the coach's contribution. If the student is determined he will succeed and have results, if he's not - he will have more excuses.
      Back to me - my hobbies include clubbing, beach or pool with a cocktail in my hand, sufring, skimboarding ( you know ... cuz we don`t have much waves in Bulgaria ), exotic cars ( as you`ll see in the video ),reading, discussing concepts, travelling and others.

      Social Media:

      come and like my page on facebook
      IG : k_rukov
      twitter @k_rukov
      SnapChat : k_rukov

      For the readers that reached the end of this page - here is a little present for you guys. Have fun :gl:

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