Pokerstars account frozen.

    • ursubear
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      Hello. I am probably one of the many strugling with this matter. I had previously an account on pokerstars. I played badly for about 2 years, than I quit. Left poker for about 4 years, and now I decided to give it another try. But I did my homework, searched for tips and all that kind of stuff, and this is what brought me to Pokerstrategy. So when I saw how many learning opportunities this site presents, I decided to create a brand new account on PS, using the promotional code, so I could get a status on PS as well, that would give me access to instructive videos and so on. Now I got my new account frozen, and funds transfered to my old account. The pokerstars customer service also told me not to try to further contact them with this matter.

      QUESTION: Is there any possibility to get my old account linked to PokerStrategy, or to get my new account instead of the old one, so I can have it linked with pokerstrategy and develop myself while learning here?
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey ursubear,

      Unfortunately accounts can only be tracked to us during the creation phase as poker rooms react to whether there is an affiliate code attached to the signup link or our marketing code has been used.

      Also, you can only have one account per room. You have been quite lucky because at some rooms they will ban you for life and confiscate your funds.

      So check out what is available for you here and I will give you some options here later on today.