10x Dual Battle of the Donkey Stakes: 15k GTD 19:00 15.02.2009 + Next Week

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      Hey everyone! As you know the Battle of the Donkeys has started again (go here: BOTD Season 3 Details & Description for details) and we are ready to rock the Spanish community in a series of 6 tournaments!

      The buy-in to the kick off tournament this Sunday (13:00 ET- PokerStars Time // 18:00 CET) is $5+50. Its the 15k GTD. As one should have a bankroll of atleast $500+ to play this kind of tournament we will once again be making STAKING DEALs available to members who need/want them. You can win/qualify for these in the forums. That means I will send you the buy-in for the tournament - and you send back 50% of whatever you win (should you get ITM). This essentially makes the tournament something like a freeroll for you.

      To start things off I will be giving away 10!! stakes for this week and the next in this thread. The rules are simple. I want to start by giving away stakes to people who deserve them and have trained themselves in tournament play!


      1) Download the ICM Trainer & do 125 Hands while maintaining a 96%+ correct percentage. After you are done - make a screenshot and upload the screenshot using e.g. http://imageshack.us/ and post it in this thread

      2) Post the link to 3 hands you posted in either the SNG or MTT hand evaluation board.

      After you have done this and thus proved you know something about tournament play I will stake you for this + NEXT week.

      All screenshots need to include the bar with the filter settings!

      The Filter settings that need to be used are:
      Your Room 10-Handed or 9-Handed
      Random Blindlevel
      Random Stacksize
      Number of players 2-6
      Handrage 0-100

      Trainingmode: Random
      Our Position: Random position
      Hero edge in %: 3%

      If the settings can't be seen in your screenshot it doesn't qualify :)

      To practice ICM check out the ICM trainer light: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/software/8/

      To read about ICM check out our strategy articles:

      Independent Chip Model (ICM)
      Examples and explanations for ICM

      Download the ICM Trainer
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