The Evolution of a Micro Grinder (COACHING THREAD)

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      :diamond: WHEN: TUESDAYS 20:00 CET
      :diamond: WHERE: Our Twitch Channel
      :diamond: WHAT: In this series we will take you on a typical journey of our modern hero - The Micro Grinder and watch him Evolve each week
      Each week we will move up both in stakes and in complexity of The Micro Grinder's thought process.
      We start at the bottom at NL5 with the real basics and end up in Week4 at NL25 with an approach that will show you glimpse of the journey past microstakes

      :diamond: THIS SERIES IS FOR YOU IF:
      • You love real-time microstakes action
      • Want to see how your postflop thought process should be evolving on your path to higher stakes
      • Enjoy joining our active chat with your coach and fellow micro grinders

      WEEK1 - NL5 (14th November) - Video
      We start nice and basic with monsters, garbage draws and hand charts!

      WEEK2 - NL10 (21st November) - Video
      This week we start also guessing our opponent's ranges!

      WEEK3 - NL16 (28thNovember) - Video
      NL16, the last microstakes hurdle where we will add thinking about what we are representing and what our range is.

      WEEK4 THE FINALE: NL25 (5th December) Video
      In our final week there's no limits: Range vs range, Multi-street planning, and manipulating our opponents - things that will help you on your journey to higher stakes.
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