Hello everyone,

Our Blogs section has undergone some important changes lately (some of you might have already saw them) and that includes a better layout, as well as a new item - the GiBlog!

The RaisyDaisy and GiBlog are here to entertain you - whether it's through some poker adventures or daily life stories. Here are the latest blog entries from these two sections:


- vhallee's trip to Gibraltar by vhallee

- Paintball & Failing at Photography by SoyCD

- vhallee's first blog for 2009 by vhallee


- February, week 2 by Swissmoumout

- PokerStars: Badugi & More by SoyCD

- I like tilting regs by Swissmoumout

Feedback is of course appreciated and we would like to see what you think of them by either commenting in the blogs themselves or posting here. We write the blogs , you write the comments! :)