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BOTD 3 Stake Giveaways: Dota Team Match

    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356

      Since we already have 2 strategy related staking give-aways this week (BOTD 3 Stake Giveaways: Articles you have recently read & BOTD 3 Stake Giveaways: Getting involved in Hand Evaluation) this one is quite off-topic :)

      Since this is quite a "niche" give-away which not everyone will be able to participate in we will of course be trying to come up with other different stakes as well. In fact we welcome suggestions.

      The Staking Contest: Dota Team Match (Dota = Defense of the Ancients Warcraft 3 FunMap)

      Setup: 1 Team with Captain SoyCD vs 1 Team with Captain Vhallee
      Teams will either be randomly shuffled or picked.

      Mode: Either -SD or Draft
      Place Garena: (room will be announced)
      Winner: Best of 3 Matches
      Winning team gets stakes!
      That means we give away up to 4 stakes (if it turns out to be a 5on5) (if we are less people we play 4on4 or 3on3 etc.)

      Date & Time: Either Friday at 20:00 or Saturday at 16:00

      If you aren't interested in a stake and just want to play you can sign up as well of course. Depending on how much interest there is we will set something up :)

      When signing up be sure to include: On which date you can play (if you can play both say both) and make sure that you do actually have time.
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