Quiz of the Week: NL - Turn, turn, turn

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    • p0kerQT
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      Failed miserably but i cant see the suits on my mobile, 35%, i'll try again when i'm on a pc
    • BoyRobot777
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      16 points ! :P
    • Atoks
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      LOVE THESE QUIZES! The best way to learn stuff for me. Reading about theory or examples works, watching videos is good too, coaching is also a very good option, but for me, being presented with a case and and ability to make a decision, then review it is Royal Straight Flush NUTS!

      At least this way I have more then 30seconds time to consider my options and put all the knowledge I have to use to try find the best solution and still get a result along with a review of the result, which I can also compare to my own line of thinking. PRICELESS!

      OK, so in case u didn't get it I really like these quizes and I really hope there will be more coming. Scores are all fine and good but I'd really love to see a whole section of vast numbers of quizes on every imaginable situation for every style of NL HE there is :P It's a big ask I know, but man these things help me understand better then anything else I try to further my knowledge. So yeah 4 thumbs up for this one and the other ones, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep em coming, possibly more then just once a week? :P (I know it's prolly tons of work but ... hell if I ever prove myself skilled enough I'll help make em :P )

      Oh and I got a 13 ... I'm always right on the line between top and middle group ... anyway hope to see even more of em :D

      Good job to the team that makes them and thanks!
    • z4tz
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      14 points, for beeing a SnG-player that only recently tried some BSS i thought that was a good result :)
    • alejandrosh
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      16-19 , got wrong the first I don't know why I chose bet/call ... obvius 0 points there :D
    • Passero
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      12 points.
      Very comfronting sometimes and nice to see some good advice on situations i face sometimes.
    • DaveX77
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      Nice quiz :-) 13 points. I guess, there should be some points for check/raise option in question 5 based on the summary.