Community Round-up Feedback Thread.

    • EagleStar88
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      Please post any feedback to the Community Round-up news item in this thread.

      Also, any suggestions for articles or improvements to the news item is very much appreciated too.

      This is our community page, lets make sure we utilise it in the best way.

      Many thanks,

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      Hi guys,
      Just to say thanks for highlighting me in last weeks news roundup, as a new member. Am enjoying being a member so far. and, despite having some experience as a player, I am determined to play by the strict rules of the basic sss strategy and trust your assurance that it is the best way to build my bankroll longer term.
      So far have had mostly positive sessions until a disastrous one last night where nothing went right, but that's just poker. I am keeping the faith.
      Despite only being able to play for an hour or two each day at most, I look to be on target to clear my $50 bonus on full tilt (hope I haven't just tempted fate).
      Lokk forward to working myself up through the ranks by reading the more advanced articles.

      All the best
    • jmackenzie
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      Great round-up as always,

      Think this week you should try n get an interview with yoghi he's recently sky rocketed into limits up to 50/100 would be interesting to know abit more about it.
    • EagleStar88
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      Thanks for the feedback both, always nice to hear views/suggestions from other members.

      @Magicbryan, Your welcome, good to have you on board in the PokerStrategy family.

      @James, thanks mate, yep Yoghi is on my short list and i think would make a really interesting read. Have already asked a 'victim' for this week, but he'll hopefully appear shortly, watch this space :)

      Keep those thoughts, ideas & suggestions coming, I really do appreciate every one of them.