50 dollars reward bonus on titan

    • gabrieljah
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      Hi! i made my test late tuesday and i still didnt recived my cash bonus. i did it all like you said and nothing. i have 2 brothers that live in the same adress with me. my question is if it makes any sort of conflict in the server.

      best regards Gabriel
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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi gabrieljah,

      Did you check your emails, maybe you have to send your ID first.
      If you already sent it it can take up to 96 hours until you'll get your 50$.
      Did you enter all required information in your profile
      Did you enter all required information in your poker account.
      Are you living in the USA (we can't send the money to players that are currently living in the USA)

      Maybe you should also check your tickets (right hand side)
      Maybe the support tried to contact you

      Best regards,