Top Ten Jackpot Promotion is back!

    • vhallee
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      After we had the Top Ten Jackpot Promotion in March, we took a one month break but we are back.

      For those of you who don't know about this, it means that you can not only win a nice share of a $1750 prize pool by getting into the top 10 of the English community rankings - but also win in our Jackpot.

      All you have to do to participate in the Jackpot is collect more than 3,000 StrategyPoints in May (1 Ticket). If you collect more than 7,500 you will even receive 2 tickets.

      For more information, check out the news:

      Top Ten Jackpot Promotion Is Back!

      Please provide feedback about the promotion in this thread.
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    • Waiboy
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      I like it... and no doubt it will assist by providing a little more incentive to pump up the, pump up the, pump up the volume.

      I think, though, by preference if the community money just went to the next highest finisher in the community rather than a jackpot it would be nice. ie if finisher no. 1 in the English community is in the top 250, and their Top 250 prize is higher then the 11th placed English community player takes the final prize.

      A jackpot is great if you win, but a little too random. Ofc, if I win the jackpot, it is a move of genius. :D
    • Xantos
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      The jackpot is meant to make the scheme more fair to languages like Russian or German, where you need way higher volumes to end up in the "money ranks".