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Making small Things BIG

    • aloofkid
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      Reporter: Good day ladies and gentlemen. We are here live in the Philippines to interview Obed Cutaran. So Mr. Cutaran, please introduce yourself.

      Obed: Hi my name is Obed Cutaran 20 years old and I'm a student in Jose Rizal University and taking up Nursing. Hopefully I'll graduate next year.

      Reporter: So you are still a student right? How do you find it to be a nursing student?

      Obed: Well, being a nursing student is quite difficult since it eats a lot of our time with all the duties and the reviews both in school and hospital duties.

      Reporter: Oh so is it your first choice?

      Obed: Well, not really I'm a computer wiz since I was 8 yrs. old, but my dad told me to take Nursing instead of Computer.

      Reporter: That's great obeying your dad and following their decisions.

      Obed: Honestly it took me 2 years before I enjoy nursing.

      Reporter: Wow 2 years, anyway let's go to are main topic. You play poker right?

      Obed: Yes I do play poker both online and live games.

      Reporter: How long have you been playing poker?

      Obed: Hmm... Almost 9 months I think

      Reporter: Nine months? Well you still have many things to learn.

      Obed: Yes, indeed.

      Reporter: What blinds do you play in live games?

      Obed: I only play 10/20 binds

      Reporter: 10/20? Philippine peso or USD?

      Obed: That's Php it's about 0.20/.40 in US Dollars

      Reporter: Oh, I thought it's in USD

      Obed: Hahaha, I'm not that rich besides my cousin Fog is the one who give me money to play poker :)

      Reporter: Fog?

      Obed: Yep, he's my cousin he gives me money to play and he's the one who taught me how play poker.

      Reporter: Oh, will talk more about Obed and his poker life after the break.

      Reporter: Welcome back! Earlier we ask Obed about how he learns poker, so Obed you said that you play online and live games right? What poker site do you play?

      Obed: Well, I have many accounts, I think I have every account in online poker but the one that has money in it is FullTilt Poker.

      Reporter: I see, do you mind if I ask you three questions from the audience?

      Obed: Sure sure!

      Reporter: This came from Aubrey, "Do you deposit you money in online poker?"

      Obed: Nope, because I don't have bank account, well I have one but I don't have Credit Card or Debit Card to use, and I don't want to gamble my own money.

      Reporter: You don't want to gamble your own money? Why do you play poker?

      Obed: I mean I don't use my hard worked money to play poker. I just don't feel like spending it in poker

      Reporter: I get it, this one came from James, "What kind of poker do you play?"

      Obed: I only play No Limit, I tried Pot Limit and Fix Limit but it's boring for me.

      Reporter: Here's the last question came from Paul, "Have you gone broke before?"

      Obed: Broke? Broke is my nickname. Hahaha, Well I got a free $50 in FullTilt and it came from FPCB and $50 from PokerStrategy both of them are gone :)

      Reporter: Wow, how many months since you became broke?

      Obed: Months? I wish it's month, but it only lasted for days.

      Reporter: Days? Wow that's fast!

      Obed: Yes, really fast, it's like FPCB first gone in 4 days and PokerStars gone in 8 days.

      Reporter: How come you broke that fast?

      Obed: Well here's how it goes, Poor Bankroll Management = Broke; Not taking a break after a number of lose = Broke; and lastly Playing beyond your bankroll = Broke

      Reporter: Oh, so all in all it about Bankroll Management?

      Obed: Yes, Bankroll Management is the key to poker success

      Reporter: So now you are broke what do you do?

      Obed: Well I got inspired with Chris Ferguson and Boku87

      Reporter: Chris "Jesus" Ferguson what about him?

      Obed: I saw an article in FullTilt how he make $0 to $10,000

      Reporter: Wow, you did the same?

      Obed: Not really, I ask some of my friends here in the Philippines if they could give me $5 to start with and I'll build my bankroll up.

      Reporter: So how much do you have now?

      Obed: Around $27

      Reporter: How, that's impressive... but not that impressive. How about Boku87?

      Obed: Ah, Boku87 is the one who plays in PokerStars and He made his $100 to $10,000 in just 15 days.

      Reporter: Wow, you have some great inspiration out there, so what are your plans?

      Obed: Right now, there's a big problem in internet connections all over the Philippines due to the earthquake that happen in Japan so I'll stop playing for a while.

      Reporter: I see so when will you continue playing poker?

      Obed: I still play poker everyday but I can't play many SnGs and Grinding in ring games because if I get disconnected I'll lost lost of dollars and it will affect my bankroll.

      Reporter: Oh, how about goals?

      Obed: Here's the list:
      -Reach $200 in two months
      -Complete Ten BankRoll Management in FullTilt Academy
      -Get a book in FullTilt Academy with my FTA Points
      -Buy Calculatem and Tournament Indicator using my Bankroll

      Reporter: We got some sweet goals there. Um, anything would you like to say?

      Obed: I think I said everything, just want to greet my Family and Friends who is now watching, Hi guys!

      Reporter: Alright, thank you Obed for giving us your time and I wish you reach your goals :)

      Obed: Thank you also and it's a great privilege for me to be here

      Reporter: You're welcome Obed. Poker is not a easy money generator, you need a great discipline and a great determination in order to succeed. We invite you tomorrow as we follow Obed in his poker career. Will he be successful after being broke two times? Will he be broke after few days or weeks? Watch out for our next episode only here in Making small Things BIG.
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    • gudalemandele
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      Sorry - what?
    • aloofkid
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      Reporter: Good evening again and welcome to Making small Things BIG! Yesterday we talked about Obed a boy from the Philippines who's making it's way to build a stable bankroll from $5. So Obed how's your day with regards to poker?

      Obed: Well, I just played 6 $1 SnG because my friend invited my in a $2 live tournament near our school.

      Reporter: Wow! So what's the result of the live tournament?

      Obed: It sux big time because when we arrived at the location we found out the regular $2 tournament will be suspended in order to give way for the elimination round for the Asian Poker Tour.

      Reporter: So what happen at the APT Elimination round?

      Obed: I only have $4 bucks in my wallet and the buy-in for the APT is $60+

      Reporter: In short you didn't participate?

      Obed: Yep, even if I got $1,000 in my cash I will not participate the tourney because I need to study more and learn more before I can go with the "Pros"

      Reporter: I see, so when do you think will you be qualified for such tournament?

      Obed: Well in a year or two I guess but I'll still evaluate myself if I can play, if not I'll study and learn and study then when I'm ready I'll join satellites.

      Reporter: I see, anyway let's go back to online poker, you said you played 6 SnG, how was it?

      Obed: I played four tables all at once but got beat with the two and I reassess myself why and I found out that I played too loose and calling all bets even if I have only a pair, also played donk.

      Reporter: How about the other 4?

      Obed: Two of them finished 3rd with $1.80, the other one finished 2nd and the last finished first.

      Reporter: Wow, good thing you manage to win the remaining four.

      Obed: I need to, if not I'll be playing Ring Games and it will take me days in order for me to join a $1 SnG.

      Reporter: You've became strict in your Bankroll Management eh? So how's your Bankroll doing?

      Obed: I manage to have an increase of +$6.

      Reporter: Well done! Will you still play today?

      Obed: Yes I'll play 10 SnG for today but if I'll lose 3 already I'll stop playing.

      Reporter: Ok, I wish you luck Obed

      Obed: Thank you :)

      Reporter: You're welcome. Stay tune for the next episode of Making small Things BIG! I'm your host, Master Poker signing off!
    • Irooz
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    • aloofkid
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      Reporter: Sorry for interrupting your favorite T.V. program, we are here live at Obed's Crib "LC" (Computer Cafe) where he play's online poker. So Obed what's with the rush?

      Obed: Nothing much, just want to say I just played 3 SnGs.

      Reporter: Wow! We've interrupted our viewers program just for you to say you played 3 SnG?

      Obed: Uh.. I thought you want an update about my bankroll?

      Reporter: I said that?

      Obed: I think?

      Reporter: I can't remember...

      Obed: Hmmm.... yeah, I think you said it but I don't know if you really said it. Sorry

      Reporter: Sigh... anyway what's with the "3 SnGs"?

      Obed: Like what I've said I played 3 SnGs for today instead of playing 10.

      Reporter: Why stop? You lose?

      Obed: Not really, I first played one $1 Turbo SnG and one Regular.

      Reporter: I thought it was "THREE"

      Obed: Yes it is, ummm... got bust out 4th place at the $1 Turbo. So I played another one.

      Reporter: So... what happen to the next Turbo and the Regular SnG?

      Obed: The regular one I finished first with $4+ as a reward and the turbo finished thirds with $1.80 as a reward.

      Reporter: So why stop? You've been playing hot today.

      Obed: I just don't want to feel "Lucky" I remember feeling lucky before made me hit a huge downswing. I think I'll just play tomorrow.

      Reporter: I see, so how's your bankroll doing?

      Obed: Yesterday it's $27 today as I end my session I got $36.

      Reporter: Wow, nice result you got there.

      Obed: Well, I think it's great.

      Reporter: So you are going to sleep after this interview?

      Obed: I'll read the few pages of Harrington on Hold'em Book Vol. 1

      Reporter: Wow, you got it from the FTA Points?

      Obed: Nope, just found it in the some site.

      Reporter: Oh! If you're in US you will be sued for copyright law.

      Obed: Don't worry I'll buy one if I have enough FTA Points.

      Reporter: Pfffft! Whatever!

      Obed: :D

      Reporter: Ok, sorry guys for interrupting your favorite evening show, as we all know Obed has now reached $36 in his bankroll. Well I think that's all for the rush, again I apologize for the interruption. This is Master Poker, signing off!
    • gudalemandele
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      I think I see what you are doing here ;)
    • aloofkid
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      Reporter: Welcome back to another episode of Making small Things BIG. It's almost been a weeks since Obed started out his $5 poker career. So let's go and ask him what's the status of his bankroll. Obed, good evening and how's your poker day?

      Obed: Played hmmm... I think I only played 6 SnGs today.

      Reporter: 6? So how was it?

      Obed: Well, just break even. Lose few dollars and got it back.

      Reporter: So how much do you have now? Around $40+ maybe?

      Obed: Nope, I have a huuuuuuuuuge upswing!

      Reporter: Wow! Ok ok, hmm... $50?

      Obed: Higher!

      Reporter: Higher? $60+?

      Obed: A bit lower...

      Reporter: $59?

      Obed: Lower...

      Reporter: 58?

      Obed: Almost there.

      Reporter: $57!

      Obed: Yes! Then subtract $20

      Reporter: Subtract? Umm...*calculating $37?

      Obed: Yep!

      Reporter: I though you have a huge upswing? You only have a $1 increase!

      Obed: I was just joking, do you find myself funny?

      Reporter: No, I find you irritating!

      Obed: Oh, thank you! I find you... right there! I found you

      Reporter: Hahaha.... You want more?

      Obed: Nevermind...

      Reporter: Why only $1 increase? Haven't you played at all today?

      Obed: Well, I played the Sat. to APPT at PokerStars.

      Reporter: I see, How was it?

      Obed: I... have few bad beats...

      Reporter: I thought you said, "There's no such thing as Bad Beat... only Bad Play"

      Obed: Yes, but this time it's a bad beat. Not bad play.

      Reporter: Why?

      Obed: Well, because, I got Pocket ace, and I went all in, one player called and he got Set on the flop with Jacks. The other one got straight on the turn, and last got his flush.

      Reporter: All happen with Pocket Aces?

      Obed: But I don't cry about it, Pocket Aces is just a pair. After the flop it is weak.

      Reporter: I see, so will you still play for today?

      Obed: I guess I'll pass this day and call that $1 a day. At least I have an increase. I'm not rushing everything. I've been playing poor today so I'll take a rest.

      Reporter: I see, that's good, you really know your limitations and you know how to avoid downswings.

      Obed: Yep, I've learn from my past mistakes.

      Reporter: I see, so thank you for your time again, and please update us tomorrow.

      Obed: Sure no problem.

      Reporter: So that's it for today guy's this is your poker master, Master Poker signing off! :)
    • aloofkid
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      Obed: Welcome to the new episode of Making small Things BIG! I'm your new host Obed Cutaran.

      Reporter: Hey!

      Obed: Hi Master Poker, how's your bankroll doing?

      Reporter: Dude, I might get fired you know...

      Obed: Hahaha, where have you been?

      Reporter: I took a poop...

      Obed: Lol, that's disgusting!

      Reporter: Hahaha, wanna smell my hands?

      Camera Man: Um.. sir, we're rolling

      Reporter: Shit! You mean live?

      Camera Man: Yes sir

      Reporter: Dang! Hi, ladies and gentlemen! We are here live at....

      Obed: Already made the introduction :)

      Reporter: Haha, that's funny Obed, we are here live at Obed's crib at LC so, Obed how you doin?

      Obed: Do you like my new shirt? Bought it in Hong Kong

      Reporter: That's a nice shirt, so how's your bankroll?

      Obed: This shirt is only $15 bucks

      Reporter: Cheap, anyway, how about your bankroll?

      Obed: Drinks?

      Reporter: No, thanks can we please proceed?

      Obed: Pffft.. ok ok

      Reporter: So how's your bankroll doing?

      Obed: It's still increasing.

      Reporter: Nice, so how much do you have now?

      Obed: Around $42

      Reporter, wow at least not a +$1 increase.

      Obed: Yeah, it's $4 I guess

      Reporter: Cool, so what are you're plans since you've been increasing your bankroll?

      Obed: I'll be moving to $2 SnG when I reach the $50. Hoping to win something on my first $2 SnG.

      Reporter: Why?

      Obed: So I'll be grinding $2 if I win at least second place. If I lose I'll go back in $1 SnG.

      Reporter: Wait, let me calculate it, so you are doing a 5% buy-in in your SnG.

      Obed: Yep, 5% of 50 is 2.50 it's the exact cost that I can join. $2 + $.50 sng.

      Reporter: I see, so if you win you will now play $2 SnG.

      Obed: Yep, but if I lose I'll go back grinding $1 SnG.

      Reporter: I see, hope you will win your first $2 SnG.

      Obed: Yep, for the mean time I'll read some poker e-books I downloaded last night.

      Reporter: Great! Hope you learn something.

      Obed: Yeah

      Reporter: So that's it folks! Yesterday Obed has $38 in his BR and now he has $42 and increase of $4. Only $8 left and he will now climb to $2. Again, I'm your host, Poker Master signing off!
    • shortfuse
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      lol funny if a bit longwinded

      can i ask where you read harrington online? i don't want to buy it because it is too expensive but would really like a link!

      cheers pal, keep up updates going
    • GunFlavoured
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      I don't get it ?(
    • aloofkid
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      Obed: Where have you been? Been waiting for you last night!

      Reporter: Went to a party last night sorry.

      Obed: It's okie, at least tell me if you are going to interview me.

      Reporter: Oh okay, so what's up with the bankroll?

      Obed: Yesterday went down to $40 and that -$2 in my bankroll and today I manage to win some but not that big.

      Reporter: How much?

      Obed: Only $3

      Reporter: So you got $43 again? You know what you should play more if you want to win more.

      Obed: Yeah, but I don't really feel playing a lot this days

      Reporter: Why?

      Obed: I don't know, SnG is quite exhausting for me. I can't play Ring Games because I've been in a few downswings while playing Ring Games.

      Reporter: Oh I see, by the way, one of your fans wants to ask you this question: "can i ask where you read harrington online? i don't want to buy it because it is too expensive but would really like a link!"

      Obed: Hmmm... I don't want to give him a link just google it he'll find it.

      Reporter: So what keywords?

      Obed: Hmmm... Harrington On Poker E-Books?

      Reporter: Alright, so that's all for today?

      Obed: Yeah, I guess, I don't feel playing today, I'll read more poker books and watch the High Stakes poker on YouTube.

      Reporter: Alright, I'll guess that will end our interview here, I'm your host Master Poker signing off!
    • aloofkid
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      Ok, enough with the reporter stuff let's be in a serious business.

      I've been hitting a downswing if not a break even after my sessions. I can't find my way to see my bankroll more than $50. Actually I did hit $57 in my account but after that day I've been hitting a downswing. I moved up to $2 SnG after I went up to $45 and now my BR is $41 I'm forced to go down to $1 again.

      Any suggestion guys?

    • Wizard101
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      change to cash games, using proper brm and sss. Also read or re-read all bronze and basic articles
    • Cpwpoker
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      Originally posted by shortfuse
      lol funny if a bit longwinded

      can i ask where you read harrington online? i don't want to buy it because it is too expensive but would really like a link!

      cheers pal, keep up updates going
      Lol don't ask for link you will get sued xD !

      You are playing on what platform?
    • aloofkid
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      Originally posted by Wizard101
      change to cash games, using proper brm and sss. Also read or re-read all bronze and basic articles
      I'm using a strict BRM method. I'll try SSS tomorrow let's see if things go well for me.

      Here's my BRM Rules:

      $25 = $1 +.25 SnG
      $45 = $2 +.25 SnG
      $110 = $5 + .50 SnG
      $130 = $6 + .50 SnG
      $220 = $10 + 1 SnG
      $450 = $20 + 2 SnG
      $500 = Party Time!!!

      Originally posted by Cpwpoker
      You are playing on what platform?
      I'm playing at FullTilt Poker.
    • aloofkid
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      Here's a graph of my session. Not played a lot to day.

    • Cpwpoker
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      Will follow your Blog to see if you are successful with SSS on full tilt.

      For me it was not successful xD !

      Good luck.

      SNG full tilt is ok to play but don't like SNG too much time xD i got bored folding good hands after some time lol
    • aloofkid
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      Hi Guys Hi Cpwpoker

      I played 5 $1 SnG only 2 of them made in the money, one is third and the other one is second, so it's just a break even with $1 or $2 loss.

      I tried SSS on Micro NL02, the outcome is nice it gave me an increase of $2 or $3 in my BR, not so sure I'll check it with my PT3 later.

      I check my BR before I go home and saw $2 tourney which is not allowed in my BRM rules since I have $43 in my BR. So I lost with 87 place with 27th place ITM.

      I over looked the flush on the board (three clubs) with my over pair Queens (no clubs). Then I played $2 SnG again not allowed in my BRM rule and got bust out 8th place since I went on tilt with my Pocket queens calling with picture cards which is definitely not my way of playing.

      I realize that if I'll play more for today I'll be hitting a downswing again since I'm not following my BRM Rules and at the same time I'm on tilt.

      I'll be posting the graph as soon as I got home.

      Lesson learned for today:

      - Please stick in your BRM Rules
      - Don't play on tilt
      - Read the board first before betting.
    • Irooz
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    • aloofkid
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      Originally posted by Klee90
      Your BRM doesn't look strict at all. Have you read the BRM article for SNG's?
      I'm actually following the 5% SnG buyin. :)
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