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[RESULTS] Christmas Promotions: Why should you become Diamond Member?

    • vhallee
      Joined: 30.09.2008 Posts: 1,539
      Hello fellow PokerStrategists!

      We continue our Christmas promotion series, and this time we are giving away 3 Diamond status upgrades for this month!

      If you would like to participate, simply tell us why you think you deserve to become Diamond Member. If your entry is interesting enough, this rank will be yours!
      We will announce the winners Monday, so hurry up and post your entry!
  • 121 replies
    • steIIstuI
      Joined: 07.02.2009 Posts: 1,587
      because i'm a nerd and i need to learn. best christmas ever :p
    • darkishbet
      Joined: 06.03.2009 Posts: 27
      I tilt and I tilt a lot. I tilt when I loose because of bad beat, I tilt when I win not enough. Tilting is constant thing for me. But maybe something can help me? Maybe something can finish this pain. Maybe that something is diamond status, maybe that will make me happy Poker player? Yes, I think diamond status would do that. It would stop my suffers and make me even better player! Only becoming diamond member can do that! :s_cry:
    • Fonyman
      Joined: 18.07.2009 Posts: 55
      Don't give it to me! (Shh! It's reverse psycology!).

      ...Hey! It's almost christmas.. Are you NOT supposed to be drunk at saturday night(and for some reason check the news of pokerstrategy when you get home from town, which is actually quite a bizarre thing to do when I think about it...)?

      Btw I think JuiceQuadre should have one. His blog is great and his idea about the Learning points is unique.. I think he's one of those members here who would benefit the most of it.
    • mayoctt
      Joined: 08.04.2005 Posts: 70
      I should get Diamont status because I'm allergic to metals.. :f_mad:
    • andreibalint
      Joined: 11.04.2009 Posts: 872
      well this one should be simple... because i'm smarter, more handsome, very very modest and a very good poker player compared to the other 2million members you have and i want to become a better one with the help of the videos and articles.

      now i realise how selfish that is but hey.. you can't win that much if you give a lot to others!
    • Gabinr1
      Joined: 05.04.2009 Posts: 7,755
      I want the diamond status :s_biggrin: because I will get there anyway, but getting this now will boost my motivation and improvement, I will take time and study the articles and videos that I will get access to.

      And because I LOVE POKERSTRATEGY.COM! :s_thumbsup:

      And because I have 25 referred friends, from which 11 got their starting capital.

      And because I have cashed-out from PS TAF twice.

      And because I like to say "And because".

      And because I found more than 5 motives why I should get one of the 3 diamond status for the month.

      And because, without false modesty, i can say, I'm the best! :s_p:

      Cheers and Good Luck! :heart:
    • JohnnyChrist
      Joined: 08.04.2009 Posts: 46
      A tickle rushed across my body, when I read the news today.
      Diamonds - shiny, hopelessly arousing - and they're.. given away... :diamond:
      Every stoner, every farmer, every shark and every shrimp,
      Forget your silver, forget your gold, diamonds - that's the way to pimp.

      May I ask what for? A love song would do trick I guess?

      "Ooohh, love... Oooh, yeaah... fooor.. Pooookkeeerrstrateeeeggyyyy.."

      No, not this time..

      I don't deserve it, as far as my winning spree goes. But it would make one hell of a trophy. This is a multi table (forumpage) tournament and finishing in the top 3 would be an achievement to grasp for. The edge is undeniable, no diamonds can take part and if a black member would try, I'd share the laughs. Mm.. If I'm granted a diamond status.. I would enjoy it to the max, I would watch every single video I can and do my best to learn as much as there is. I would try and reach the higher ranks and prove Pokerstrategy and mainly myself that I deserved it. Or just do something really stupid.

      So yes.. I need some fold equity.. Ugh, if there's no other way I'll just bluff and say that this would cover my liver transplant. Nono, just kidding. Merry Christmas! :f_p:
    • Melagis
      Joined: 31.07.2009 Posts: 6
      All I wan't for christmas is Diamond status... :)

      I should get it, because I want to transform from SSS to BSS, and it's easyer with more information. I should get it, because if I get it, I will win more, and then I will buy PT3. I should get it, because Santa promised it to me. I should get it, because yesterday I got royal flush of diamonds on our home game! :)

      I should get it, because I believe I can get it. Even if I lie, I should get it, because if you believe it, it's not a lie! :D
    • Gabinr1
      Joined: 05.04.2009 Posts: 7,755
      And because I finished in a 3702 players entry KAMIKAZE tournament on 11th place! (that's 100% luck)

      And because tonight I lost AA vs AA!!! (3/5 of my stack, AI pf)
    • Gabinr1
      Joined: 05.04.2009 Posts: 7,755
      And because I like this thread :)

      Ok, I will stop here :D

      A tickle rushed across my body, when I read the news today.
      Diamonds - shiny, hopelessly arousing - and they're.. given away...
      Every stoner, every farmer, every shark and every shrimp,
      Forget your silver, forget your gold, diamonds - that's the way to pimp.

      Nice one!
    • randomdonk
      Joined: 02.08.2009 Posts: 1,984

      on a more serious note, i need diamond status to fulfill my wildest dream...

      become a lagtard :D
    • THeGaME23
      Joined: 12.10.2009 Posts: 398
      I want diamond status because diamonds are forever :D lol lame

      EDIT: I will also give out sex if given Diamond status...... to hot women when provided.
    • kingdippy2008
      Joined: 30.08.2008 Posts: 2,107
      Because you love me vhallee? plzzzzz

      :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

      Good luck guys!!

    • Zemnieks11
      Joined: 23.07.2009 Posts: 567
      Don't give it to me i get it myself with pride :s_cool:
    • Gabinr1
      Joined: 05.04.2009 Posts: 7,755
      And because God just phoned me and said "You can have the diamond status, just tell them I sent you".

      And because I just did!


      Cheers and Good Luck! :heart:
    • Trillium90
      Joined: 15.03.2009 Posts: 127
      because i would really enjoy the material and i really try to improve my game atm but i guess thats what everyone says...^^


      you should give it to me so i can see the advantages of it and encourage myself to become diamond again and again and that would be a good deal for you too^^...

      overall i have to say you do a hell of a job so if you think i deserve it ok if not well its ok too
    • DonDur
      Joined: 03.08.2009 Posts: 31
      Because I'm an idiot and I need to learn...
      Here's the proof:
    • RuLeR1988
      Joined: 14.01.2009 Posts: 59

      "what is essential is invisible to the eye.
      It's only with the heart,that you can see it rightly!"

      i dont wanna say nothing but my status says it all!! a fucking bronze status hides a good player...damn u Pokerstars :D
    • dienaszaglis
      Joined: 12.06.2008 Posts: 999

      Does PokerStrategy loves me?