$1 buy-in exclusive tournament on 888.com Pacific Poker

    • vhallee
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      Hello everyone!

      In cooperation with 888.com Pacific Poker, we will host an exclusive $1 tournament with $5,000 added. The tournament is set to start on the 3rd of January and you only need a tracked account and $1 to participate!

      Here are the details for this tournament:

      - Name: $5,000 Pokerstrategy.com Tournament
      - Date: 03.01.2010
      - Time: 19:00 GMT
      - Registration: exclusive to PokerStrategists
      - Participants: up to 2,000

      Good luck to you all!
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    • JWork6
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      Anmälan öppnar Sunday, Jan 03 2010 19:00
      Turneringen börjar den Sunday, Jan 03 2010,19:00
      Har det blivit något fel ?
    • TonisLau
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      I cant find this tourament, i just cant see it :) why ?
    • mortimeral
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      Tonis, in the lobby click on restricted you will find it there. Does,nt say when registration starts tho. anybody know?
    • Tomassio123
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      Player should registrate as of now.
    • darkosan
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      Yeah, registration is open now! Go for it :D
    • Nikolce1979
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      I can`t see the tournament??? Help, tournament ID???
    • Fagin
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      Click on the tournaments tab and then click the "Restricted" radio button.
      Scroll down to Jan 3rd, 19:00.
      Tourney ID#25434910
      Currently 228 runners.

      Hope this helps
    • lauri1
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      Edit: found, thx
    • Lim00n
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      Busted out 300ish, made one stupid move that cost me the tournament, but that's not why i'm writing.

      It said in the description that 2 "pros" will be playing, Le0 and Mkainer or something, they weren't there? Why not?
      I would've played in the tournament regardless (since it was a nice guaranteed tournament even if 888 has pretty tight payouts if there's more than 800 players) but it would've been nice to have the chance of seeing falling one over another to bust them out.

      Btw in the last tournament on 888 these same two "pros" blinded out as far as i can recall (i'm sure of at least one blinding out as i saw 8 ppl calling their all in :) ).

      So my point? What's the point in having pros if they don't show up/play, rather just add 1000$ to the tournament.. or 500$ .. or 10$...
    • Tomassio123
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      On behalf of everybody involved, 888.com apologized that the bounties did not showed up and they promise that this will not happen again.

      Just to inform you. We found a solution to compensate the players.

      One day in February we will have an exclusive freeroll with Leo as bounty and a prize pool of $2,000 and a $500 bounty. All player who participated in the last $1-Buy-Inn will be registered manually by 888.com. We will let you know on the news page when the freeroll will take place.

      Furthermore we will have another $1-Buy-Inn on the 7th of February on 888.com, this time with 6k added instead of 5k. However, this time without bounties. This one is already confirmed and news will be published one week before the tourney.