bet365 has just announced a new promotion for its players - the Cash Ladder. The goal for this promo is quite simple: climb the ladder by playing in cash games or tournaments and you will get a bonus. The higher you climbed, the higher your bonus will be.

Depending on your VIP level, you can have one of the four starting positions: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Also, each of these levels has 10 steps. When you complete one level, you will be automatically moved to the next level. If you complete a platinum level, you can start it again as many times as you want - the rewards are cumulative.

As indicated on the Cash Ladder, a player’s Cash Ladder starting position is dependent on their VIP level at the beginning of the promotional period. Players new to bet365 will start on the Bronze section. Players in the Diamond VIP level will start on the Platinum section. This means that even if you are VIP level “New Player” which is level 1, you can still participate.

For more information on this promotion, please go to the bet365 Cash Ladder page.