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Weekly Vote: Thoughts on the New Staking Forum?

  • Poll
    • What do you think of the new Staking Forum?

      • 20
        It's ok, but this new forum section won't affect me in any way
      • 12
        It's a great idea, I will try to stake some fellow PokerStrategists
      • 10
        It's a great idea, I will try to get staked by fellow PokerStrategists
      • 8
        I don't think the Staking Forum is a good idea
      Total: 50 Votes
    • vhallee
      Joined: 30.09.2008 Posts: 1,539
      Earlier this week, we launched the Staking Forum, where you can now stake someone or get staked. If you are interested in finding out more about this, please read our initial announcement.

      We would like to know what you think about this new forum section. Do you think it's a good idea? Will you start using it to stake a fellow PokerStrategist or get staked? Take part in this week's vote and tell us your opinion.
  • 4 replies
    • AlCaTrAzzALZ
      Joined: 06.05.2008 Posts: 726
      Horrible idea, PokerStrategy is a training/learning enviroment for poker. All your going to introduce your players to is getting scammed or getting burnt (or to staking deals that involve playing on accounts affilliated to other sites).

      If your an advanced enough player to either want a stake, or want to stake others, then you probably know where to go to do it. I honestly believe this isn't the place for it.
    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      I disagree. You can read other members posts, hands in the hand evalution forum, read their blog, read their thought processes etc. So you can get a very good idea of how good someone is if they are active on pokerstrategy. Much better then on a random staking site.

      Wether this will be a succes or not depends on our members. But i'd much rather stake an active member on pokerstrategy then just some random player with a graph.
    • BOBOsvk
      Joined: 14.02.2010 Posts: 2,505
      ban ppl who dont know anything about it pls
    • OnkelHotte
      Joined: 16.01.2005 Posts: 18,883
      Basically we had lots of requests for a staking forum in the past.
      Many other forums offer staking and the demand and usage is considerable.
      So we thought - despite the risks - that a PokerStrategist, if he is interested in staking, should better do it here in his familiar environment rather doint it somewhere else.