Reverse implied odds

Reverse implied odds are reduced pot odds that include future losses that could occur if an opponent has or gets the upper hand.

They are useful if you have a mediocre made hand without much chance of improvement but that could still be the best now and are facing one or more opponents who are actively betting or raising. If the opposition has a strong hand or can improve his hand, he will also bet in the following rounds. If he has nothing or a weak hand, he will tend not to bet or to fold in future rounds. In such a case, you must pay more to find out that you are beaten than to find out that you have won.

Example (Texas Hold'em):

Spieler A Flop
One opponent bets, another raises. Player a possibly has the best hand, but there is still a chance that one or both opponents have a strong draw or a stronger hand like an overpair, finished straight, set, or two pair. If player A is already beaten or another player improves his hand, then he must pay further bets only to find that he is beaten. Only if the opposition has nothing that will beat a weak overpair like 77 will the action be reduced. He will win less if he is ahead and lose more if he is behind. His pot odds for a callare therefore much worse than they first appear.

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