The adjective rigged is used when mathematically improbable events keep occurring in favour or to the disadvantage of a certain player. This may include so-called setups, in which a player hits one strong hand after another, but is still beaten by a stronger hand every time. It may also include frequent suck outs, i.e. situations in which you are the (big) favourite, and put your chips in the middle only to get drawn out on by the few outs your opponents have.

On top of that, online poker rooms are sometimes referred to as rigged if players keep losing over a certain period of time, although their decisions are mathematically correct. A subjective feeling that they get drawn out on much more often than others leads many players to put the poker room at fault. Suspicions that some poker rooms are rigged, i.e. that they influence the development of hands to the disadvantage of a player or a group of players, have not been confirmed empirically.