Wall Street Poker

Wall Street Poker is a variant of Seven-Card Stud with an additional four cards in the middle (community cards), which can be purchased by the players.

This poker variant can be played by 2-7 players over up to 5 betting rounds.

After each player posts a forced bet, the ante, the dealer puts four upcards in the middle, the so-called Wall Street. The card on the far left is marked by a chip.

Each player now receives two downcards. In contrast to Seven-Card Stud, the players can now choose whether they want to take a face-up card from the dealer or buy a card from the Wall Street. The card marked by the chip costs exactly one chip, the next card costs two chips, the third card three chips and the fourth card four chips. After a player has purchased a card from the Wall Street, it is immediately replaced by another card from the deck.

The player with the lowest upcard opens the first betting round. He has to bet at least the bring-in, but raising is also possible.

After the first betting round is complete, each remaining player can either receive an upcard from the dealer or buy a card from the Wall Street. This is followed by a second betting round.

The game now continues without the option of a buying card from the Wall Street, each player is dealt an upcard and a betting round follows.

The players receive a sixth upcard from the dealer and the penultimate betting round begins. Finally, each player receives another downcard from the dealer, which means each player has a total of seven cards now. A final round of betting follows.


The ranking of hands in Wall Street Poker is the same as in every Hi-variant, such as Texas Hold'em.