How to review cash games

See how our expert coach reviews a small stakes cash game session so you can do the same yourself in your own studies.

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Our low stakes coach la55i returns with something special for his poker fans. 

It's one thing to get advice from a coach, a forum or a video, but some of the deepest learning takes place when you review your own play. The problem is it's hard knowing how to do that. 

Today our coach shows you how he reviews a recorded cash game session filmed by one of his students. 

Not only will you see what questions he asks himself during a review, you'll also see many of your own leaks in his student's hands. Plus it's a great preview of his one-on-one poker coaching. 

If you enjoyed this video and want to get hands on, our coach does several very affordable one-on-one packages including €25 hand reviews and a €30 starter pack, check out la55i's coaching thread for more details.

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    I will enjoy this video, very great, thanks.