Poker reaction GIFs - Office edition

It's a show where Michael Scott once quoted Phil Hellmuth, of course we were going to do this.

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Comments (7)

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  • deralte71


    Nice one😂 2 and 3 rings close to home, hope 4 is a thing of the past
  • CucumbaMan


    Haha! These were some really good ones. I've never watched the series, but the faces are priceless :)
  • nsavov


    When there is literally nothing newsworthy in the poker world, so you make a meme article.
  • CoreySteel


    What about this one from Lex? It's a gif with sound :D :D
  • imgoingtomirage


    It's called a video : - D
  • CoreySteel


    That's a weird name for gifs with sound :P
  • DSharkP


    Never thought , The Office + Poker but u did it lol xD