Tournaments on Sunday: Battle of the Donkeys

This Sunday, the battle for tournament superiority begins! Take part and have a chance at playing for a total of over $200,000 in prize money.

Last week the English community held two community tournaments - and saw some friendly admin rivalry. After going on to win last Sunday's Omaha tournament on top of collecting TribunCaesar's bounty, one would think SoyCD would be satisfied. Yet this is clearly not the case, as he has now gone on to also challenge TribunCaesar on his own battlefield, NL. Looking to rebuild his reputation after the defeat in the last two community tournaments, TribunCaesar accepted the challenge.

The admins have therefore decided to carry out their battle to decide who can claim tournament superiority, over the course of next Sundays. Yet in order to up the fun factor they ask for the support of the entire community. As of this weekend they will be hosting a format similar to one that already enjoys great popularity in the Dutch community: "Battle of the Donkeys"

The Goal: Win the PokerStars Sunday Hundred Grand (or at least get closer to it than the competition)

The Framework

Each admin - so SoyCD and TribunCeasar - will captain a team of four community members.

The captain of the team will provide the team members with the option of a back-deal. That means the members have their buy-ins paid by the respective admin and send back 50% of their winnings should they get ITM (meaning they are staked by the respective admin - if you don't get ITM you have to pay back nothing). As members of the admin team you collect 'points' toward the team's victories the further you get. That means it is in the respective admin's interest in making sure that you get as far as possible!

To ensure the admin teams are not always made up of the same community members, there will also be a third team - the so-called "Community Team". This team consists of all members that either paid their own buy-in, or qualified for the tournament via a qualifier, and signed up in the weekly tournament thread. At the end of the tournament, the spots in the two admin teams will be filled up with those players of the community team that made it the furthest. To sign up as a participant on Sunday go here: Battle of the Donkeys first of June

This means there are two ways to make it into the two admin teams:

  • If you played the Sunday Hundred Grand as a member of one of the Admin-teams and finished ITM, you automatically have a back-deal spot in the team for the next week.
  • Those spots that are left vacant due to the players not having made it ITM will be replaced by those "Community Team" members who made it the furthest in the tournament in the prior week.
  • In this first week you can qualify for the admin team as described further below.
The Community Team

All members who are not in one of the two official teams, yet signed up for the event are part of the "Community Team" and can move up to the Admin team next week if they place high enough. Aside from buying in for the tournament themselves, users who don't have a sufficiently large bankroll to buy-in for the tournament will also have the chance to get a spot in the community team via special back-deal tickets. These tickets will be given away via promotions and giveaways. Users who win these tickets can therefore also qualify for the admin teams even if they don't have the needed bankroll for playing $11 MTT's.

The Tournament

The Sunday Hundred Grand is a $10+1$ buy-in tournament on PokerStars. With usually around 20k participants, the players play for a prize-pool of $200,000 and upwards. Usually around 3,000 players get ITM.

Rules and Restrictions:
  • In order to take part in the event, you need to be a tracked member of the English community. If you are not fully tracked over the English community but wish to be - you can contact our support team via the ticket system and request to be re-tracked.
  • If you have won a spot in one of the admin teams but do not have time to participate - inform the team captains in time so that replacements can be chosen. If there are spots left for next week, you will receive one of these.
  • If you have won a back-deal ticket but want to pay your own buy-in (to win the full amount should you get ITM) inform the team captains so that they can offer 'your' back-deal to someone else.
  • If you decide to accept the back-deal, you are required to send back 50% of your winnings to the admin who staked you.
Leader Boards

In addition to keeping track of what team is more successful over the weeks, we'll have several leader boards to keep track of the highest cashes and most consistent member results. This is important to not only determine which admin leads his team to better results, but also to see which members have the best weekly results.

  • Best of Leader board: Cashes (Soon)
  • Best of Leader board: Average Finishes (Soon)
  • Best Teams (Soon)
  • Team Statistics (Soon)

This week's Tournament:

Three spots are reserved for the winners of last week's community tournaments. That means Snodreliss, Cardbender420 and Robyroy have first picks and can chose either of the teams by signing up in the respective thread.

To also get a spot in one of the admin teams you have several options:

1) Post a comment on this news. One spot for each of the teams (so two in total) will be randomly chosen from the comments in this news.
2) Apply for one of the teams in the respective team threads: Team SoyCD / Team TribunCaesar - (or Team Rebels) with reasons of why you should play in the team. The spots that remain after the tournament winners have registered will then be allocated amongst the applicants in the threads.
You can apply in both threads (if you want) + leave a comment in the news if you want - but please do not register if you do not actually have time to participate.

The Threads:

Battle of the Donkeys First of June
Registration: Team SoyCD
Registration: Team TribunCaesar
Registration: Team Rebels

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Comments (24)

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  • tzveti


    Wow thats somethings interesting.
    I think I'll be playing in any of the three teams.
    Nice initiative!
  • mudkip


    Damn, 5AM Monday here in Australia... guess I can have a shot at qualifying for the next two weeks at least :)
  • IveysHome


    Need to get myself an account at pokerstars i think lol
  • Snodreliss


    Who should I play for? Maybe SoyCD could give me some of his luck. Or should I go for the more skilled player?:p
  • hova


    I'd be participating.
  • SoyCD


    Snodreliss: That would be picking me both times
  • TribunCaesar


    SoyCD: Are you still dreaming? I'll wake you up on sunday.
  • gemgem69


    boo yar!!
  • Leo


    Fun... Who's gonna have the honour of being the biggest Donkey Sunday? SoyCD or TribunCaesar? :)
  • Spidey1978


    EEE AWWW!!!
  • Snodreliss


    Because this is a DONKEY battle, I join the luckbox "Team SoyCD" and hope my 72o holds up against "Team TribunCaesar" reggularplayers aces..
  • Gnostradamus


    Wow, if I were to choose I'd pick "Team SoyCD". Now I just need to find an idiot-proof MTT strategy.
  • Flopper8


    I'm not that well hung but I will try...
  • Crozac


    This is something great. I would like to play, but unfortunatlly can't play this Sunday, and don't have any money on stars. can I join in future weeks?
  • chenny8888


    i'm going to play. getting up super early for MTTs this monday anyway... what's a 7am start going to hurt?
  • TribunCaesar


    @Crozac: Sure you can join in the future. This will be a regular event.
  • LuborC


    Looks like fun!!
  • Vesolc


    That's what we waiting for...fight, fight, fight... :)
  • Drakhor


    Psst, I added links for Team Rebels! >_> I hope the ebil admins won't notice. <_<
  • robyroy


    i am in.
    TribunCaesar, if you are need me, i am with you.
  • Sebra


    Nice one, Drakhor! :)
  • Gregorfelicijan


    Will see if you can beat my 7th place in Sunday Hundred Grand...
  • robyroy


    Gregorfelicijan , will be my pleasure :))
  • Gregorfelicijan


    Good luck robyroy. You ll need it;))