TwiceT's Party in Vienna - Video and Pictures Inside

As promised, TwiceT held a party in Vienna this weekend and all English community PokerStrategists were invited. If you didn't have the chance to join him, here are some pictures from the event, along with the long-awaited King Julien dance from TwiceT himself.

Many English community members and friends met TwiceT last weekend in Vienna to party. The reason? TwiceT managed to take down the largest community event to date, the League of Champions, winning a cash prize of $25,000.

In an interview with us, TwiceT said that if he was to win the event, he will hold a party in Vienna: "There are no plans if I ship $1,000-$10,000, but if I ship the $25,000, there will be a party in Vienna for sure. I have to do the King Julien dance on video, which should be great fun."

He kept his word and not only did he host the party, but he also did the King Julien dance as promised. You can watch it below:

Right after the party we caught up with the TwiceT himself and this is what he had to say about the whole weekend:

TwiceT: The party was scheduled for Nov 27, but many PokerStrategists from all over Europe got to Vienna on Friday already, so we started partying then. We had some nice billiard action, then went to a "famous" tequila bar, followed by a club in the city centre. It was a great warm-up party!

On Saturday, we met at 18:00 for some easy drinking, dinner & small / strategy talk in my family's restaurant. At 11:00, the buses brought us to the club where the real party started. We had to whole VIP area in the club and partied like pro monkeys. Also, some of us opened the dancefloor in true monkey style.

The party was crazy, but you should actually just join the next party to see it with your own eyes.

You can read more about the party in TwiceT's thread below:

We are the Champions! English Community LoC pwnage Party in Vienna

Vienna party picture gallery

For those of you who couldn't make it to Vienna, here's how the party looked like. Just like TwiceT said, you should join him next time to see how it really feels to party with fellow English community members.
Vienna Party Vienna Party Vienna Party Vienna Party
Vienna Party Vienna Party Vienna Party
Vienna Party Vienna Party
Vienna Party Vienna Party Vienna Party
Vienna Party Vienna Party
Vienna Party Vienna Party Vienna Party Vienna Party

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  • Alficor1


    Man i wish i was there.. btw anybody knows the name of the song that's in the beginning (like first 10 sec or so) of the video?
  • Skeat


    Awesome party !!
    Will try to be there next time again!
    Ty for all TT
  • ZhiCheng


    #1 free from desire..

    muhaha.. that was sick action.. so glad i could be part if it:P tyvm..
  • justkyle88


    and that my friends is how you party!
  • lennonac


    sick moves
  • Botis111


    brilliant ;D
  • Gugi19


    Great party...So happy I was there, :)
  • EagleStar88


    lol totally awesome. gg TT
  • cojonel


    that closed in colour is gerv?:-? really courious not rasist omg :)

    awesome dance ! :) uncontestable !
  • PavelPo


    haha that's awesome
  • Wriggers


    XD Damn I wish I was there :D Looked like a brilliant night!
  • Heffron89


    Wow simply wow!! TWICET FOR THE FUCKING WIN :D:D:!!!