Doug Polk launches comedy YouTube channel

We round-up some stories you may have missed including The Mouth gets angry and Lex gets coached.

Polk launches another channel

Doug Polk has been mostly absent from the WSOP and his Crypto YouTube channel has been dormant for over a month, so what has been up to?

It seems his recent stint at stand-up comedy gave us a clue, as he has now launched a comedy news channel

Will this be the thing that takes Polk out of the poker and Crypto space for good? Possibly not as he released his most recent poker video this morning. Either way take a look at Doug's latest venture and judge for yourself:

Who is Mike talking about?

When you throw outspoken players like Mike Matusow, Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu into the same tournament, it's no surprise to see a war of words continue on Twitter.

So the question is, is The Mouth talking about KidPoker in this exchange? The two went deep in the recent 8-Game Mix event which Negreanu came third in (and the picture below suggests so):

$2 well spent

With all the talk of staking in poker we should not forget the amateurs who win their way into big events for a fraction of the buy-in. UK player Chris Hopgood did just that and was this week featured on the PokerStars Youtube channel for qualifying for the Marbella Cup for $2 (by winning in the 'Big Race' tournament), winning over €4k and getting coaching from a Triple Crown winner along the way.

It won't make the poker headlines but it is what poker dreams are made of for casual players:

Lex gets coached by the best

It's not just amateurs who turn to the biggest names in poker to improve their game. Twitch hero Lex Veldhuis by his own admission is on a huge downswing at the moment so he has graciously and publically accepted coaching from bencb:

Do you think Doug can make it as a YouTube comedian? Let us know in the comments:

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