Joe Ingram rates KidPoker's PLO game

We recap the best YouTube videos this week, including proof sponsored pros run bad and bankroll management tips from Daniel Negreanu.

Ingram on KidPoker's PLO game

Joe Ingram doesn't just do interviews he also reviews hands in the great game of PLO, this week turning his attention to 'recreational PLO player' Daniel Negreanu:

KidPoker on Bankroll Management

Speaking of which, here is KidPoker himself giving his advice on Bankroll Management. The key to determining it, he argues, is based around how comfortable you are with going broke:


It may be a very elaborate excuse for a bad beat story, but PokerStars Pro Felix Schneiders uses his latest video to put to bed any suggestion sponsored players run better than the rest of us:

Stream battle - Lex vs Tonkaaaa

What happens when two poker streamers get to the final table? Watch as Lex Veldhuis makes a final table against prolific Twitch streamer Tonkaaaaa: 

Blast from the past

And now for a classic YouTube video from back in the day, as the 'Hashtag King' gives a winner's interview that went viral:

What are you watching this week on YouTube? Let us know in the comments:

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  • Saren113


    50 bis :o? I play with atleast 500!
  • briccius


    I loved Lex´s video but why does it not show the conclusion of the tourney?