Reduced Play Money WCOOP schedule announced

Are PokerStars phasing out the Play Money versions of their COOP events?

WCOOP 2016

This year the World Championship of Online Poker exceeded all expectations. It paid out $73,718,745.19 and hosted 168,117 unique players. It featured the first ever $102,000 buy-in event and on the other end of the spectrum also hosted a Mini WCOOP festival for low stakes players.

Spare a thought then for Play Money fans who won't be enjoying as robust a schedule for their version of this series. Last year Play WCOOP hosted 70 events with a schedule which mirrored the regular WCOOP.

This year, according to PokerFuse, Play WCOOP is back between November 12-13 and has a very limited schedule. 

There will be only three Hold'em events and an Omaha Hi/Lo event. The Hold'em events will be a 1 million chip buy-in Kickoff event, a 5 million chip buy-in “Win the Button” tournament and a 20 million chip buy-in Main Event.

Previously PokerStars also offered Play Money versions of SCOOP but that wasn't offered this year either, so it appears they are phasing them out. Perhaps in part because the Mini WCOOP series this year was designed to appeal to players on smaller budgets instead. 

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    Who cares? Seriously?
  • Kevmath


    As someone who won a PLOOP title last year, I'd care. PLOOP is the proper title for this Play Money Online Championships, imo.
  • MJPerry


    What a steaming pile of PLOOP.