Watch Adriia18's 24 hour Spin & Go Challenge

Can our coach play two tables of $100 Spins for 24 hours straight and earn an evROI of 3%? Time to find out!

What is the 24 hour challenge?

24h Challenge

Last year SpinLegends coach Adriia18 pulled off a remarkable sleep deprived challenge where he streamed himself for 24 hours playing €50 Spins and he hit his target of maintaining an evROI of 3% or more.  

Spins have gotten bigger and tougher since that challenge, so he is doing it again at higher stakes. 

The details of his challenge are:

  • Takes place on Saturday February 24 at 00:01 CET until 01:01 CET on February 25
  • 25 hours in total, which includes one hour of psychological breaks spread throughout the challenge
  • The goal is to achieve an evROI of 3% or more after 24 hours of non stop play
  • Two tables at once all with $100 buy-in 
  • Streamed live on Twitch
  • You can also follow him live on Twitter

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Comments (3)

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  • FanTK


    It was very good to see adriia crush the 100$ spins.
    He is so positive and cool to watch.
  • CucumbaMan


    Is it over? What are the results then?
  • AgapieGheorghe


    Hey CucumbaMan this are the stats for this challenge :

    - Spins: 380
    - evROI: 12.39
    - Profit 4708 $