Weekly Freebie: You Can't Win if you Fold - Part 2

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In the second part of the Homebrewed series from Patrick & Callum, they make a comparison between Online and Live play when it comes to Shorthanded No-Limit Hold 'em. Enjoy the video and don't forget to check out the Feedback threads on PokerStrategy.com


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second little nugget of knowledge from the lovely folks down in Market Analysis!

    Leave any questions or comments for the guys below, alternatively, check out the related threads:

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  • djma123


    More pleno on live play pls. Cool stuff!
  • TurnitAce


    This is golden...
    Also in life play, players tend to lay the suited cards very often for flush , they tend to call 3bets a lot
  • M1rCea


    massive vid, really really helpful!
  • pleno1


    Thanks for the feedback guys :)
  • Ohs


    Just awesome.You said so many informations just in 12 mins. Thx alot !
  • Ohs


    So much information* lol
  • Ohs


    uncountable sh*t =D
  • Richyrich66


    thx for the lesson
  • pleno1


    Ha thanks for the feedback guys
  • JonikoP


    Best vid I've watched in ages. More of this format please!
  • nesuhnelo


    I love your videos!
    I'd be enlightend if you could do more sh zoom videos?
    Admiring your aggressive play.
  • Matziano


    min6 why do prefer to 3bet A2o-A5o more than A2s-A5s ?