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Nash, Trash & Two Smoking Barrels [RATED PG-6maxSNG]

    • Whysoseriouz
      Joined: 07.05.2011 Posts: 594

      <<<<<<<<<<< PRESENTS...>>>>>>>>>>>>



      I think poker, I dream poker, I breathe poker

      therefor, be poker my friend.


      :spade: Age: 30
      :spade: Nationality: Spanish
      :spade: Languages: Spanish, English and Catalan
      :spade: Education: College drop out from Business Management (motive= unmotivated, tendency towards self-education)
      :spade: Last jobs:
      :heart: Sales Director for regional luxury lifestyle magazine forming part of international media group.
      :heart: Entrepeneur (started own business producing regional magazine)
      :heart: Marketing Manager and Sales Director for Media Agency specialized in digital entertainment.
      :spade: Current job: Unemployed

      Poker Story

      :club: Started playing recreational poker in 2007 with work colleagues.
      :club: 2008 Started playing online poker for fun.
      :club: 2009 Started studying poker through poker books and online videos
      :club: 2010 Chose to specialize in 6 max sngs
      :club: 2011 Joined Pokerstrategy, took a few coaches, made last investment in poker room
      :club: 2012 Decided i wanted to play poker for a living and made a commitment to becoming the best i can be.
      :club: Currently- Playing on (since june 2012 we've been isolated from the rest of the world) Playing 3€ and 5€ 6max SNG Turbo (6 tabling)
      Dedicating aprox. 3-4 hours a day to studying and 3-5 hours to grinding.

      Earn over 500€ per month to be able to continue my pursuit of happiness. On a short-term basis this is enough to keep me fed and sheltered while my ultimate goal is to become a professional poker player.

      CURRENT GOALS: (Febraury 2012)
      :diamond: Grind 40-50 SNGs per day [averaged 46 games on active days]
      :diamond: Grind 275 SNGs per week [averaged 250 per week]
      :diamond: Grind 1100-1300 SNGs per month [1010 games on 22 active days]
      :diamond: Mantain 10%+ ROI in 3€ games, Achieve 7%+ ROI in 5€ games[15% ROI in 3€ games, 12.3% ROI in 5€ games]
      :diamond:P lay 60% 5€ games, 40% 3€ games [72% 5€ games, 26% 3€ games, 2% 10€ games]
      :diamond: Reach 100 buy ins for 10€ games [completed]

      :diamond: Combine: Session reviews, Posting marked hands, watching videos, reading articles, reading books, skype sessions, database analysis, ICM-Nash-FGS analysis, etc. (3-4 hours per day)

      :diamond: Move up to 10€ games
      :diamond: Mantain 10%+ ROI Multitabling 9 simultaneous games

      :diamond: Grind 20€ SNGs
      :diamond: Mantain 7%+ ROI
      :diamond: Move away to an exotic location like Thailand, Philipines, South or Central America etc.

      :diamond: Grind 50-200$ SNGs
      :diamond: Go for 2 or 3 supernovas
      :diamond: Study 6max hyper sng strategy and possibilty of making SNE.
      :diamond: Study MTT strategy and live play


      :diamond: 2 hours of exercise 5 days a week
      :diamond: Regulate sleeping hours and manage to sleep 8 hours per day minimum

      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club: A LITTLE BIT MORE ABOUT ME: :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:

      Been marked by multiple failures in my life. Some caused by lack of knowledge and experience, others for being too ambitous, some for not working enough/not wanting it enough.

      Life has taught me a few things and what I know is I do not want to work for somebody else. I don't want my possibilities to be controlled by someone else.

      In the past few years I've had to close down my business and currently I'm unemployed. Spanish Economic crisis has a lot to do with it, but now i firmly believe that path was not for me.

      I'm just getting over a back injury that has had me away from any physical activity for nearly 2 years. I have some limitations but at least i can do some swimming, running, cycling and very moderate gym exercises. I used to love football, but those days are over for me.

      Now my only goal and motivation is poker. Every day, poker is my life. I want nothing more. I am focused and I'm ready to give it all I have... and if it's not enough I will find a way to work harder and make my vision a reality.

      Backing down.... giving up... are no loner options.

      This is what i want and until i get it i will let nothing distract me from my pursuit of happiness.


      3€ GAMES

      5€ GAMES

      Starting from February i will post results, specific goals related to improvement of certain aspects of my game, hands, comments and some off-topic stuff aswell to make it less serious.....after all... Why so serious?

      Seeing as this blog is called Nash, Trash & two smoking barrels i feel the need to make a small tribute to one of my favourite Guy Ritchie films:

      Thnx for passing by!

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