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HM2 Latest Updates

    • junfandan
      Joined: 26.09.2011 Posts: 703
      Find below a list of recent updates from HM2:

      Update Notes:

      HM Apps
      1661 – TableScanner - Added ability to join all tables where a player is tagged as a fish.
      Added Scanner Auto Join feature which allows you to automatically join a table when a specific criteria is met
      60 day trial of Table Scanner should now be enabled, HM1 scanner users can enter their same code to register
      7230 – Updated TableScanner FTP scans when waiting for players view is activated.
      7218 – Updated TableScanner FTP not recognizing speed, deep, cap, etc.

      Site Specific & Importing
      Corrected issue with Ipoker's new toast feature causing focus issues with HM2 notes
      HM-7162 - Added parsing and HUD support for new Boss hand history format
      Add parsing and HUD support for new pacific hand history format
      7533 - Corrected issue with Party hands not importing which was introduced in the last beta version
      7471 – Updated Party Poker parsing when importing a hand when player had 1,000 big blinds.
      7526 - Added support for Pacific's new hand history format
      7495 - Hud Arrows now work on preferred seating mode or independant mode, you can change mode in hud settings menu from the live hud
      7643 – Corrected a single WPN/BCP hand not importing.
      7421 – Updated replayer to work with WPN tournament hands.
      7304 – Updated currency conversion for EUR tournaments.
      7286 – Corrected FTP Rush tourney not showing the correct buyin.
      7369 – Corrected Pacific 6max 3rd place finishes showing money won.
      7477 – Updated the import order for tournament summaries and hand histories to keep tournament results accurate.
      7414 – Restored folded players HUD’s in FTP RUSH games.
      6851 – Updated iPoker 6max SNG’s showing winnings because of wrong tournament tag.
      6767 – Updated PokerStars Step tournament winnings.
      6717 – Corrected PartyPoker player with special characters in their name causing HUD and replayer to not work.
      6619 – Updated PartyPoker parsing to properly detect table size in tournaments.
      6969 – Updated FTP Board Texture filter for some HH’s.
      6251 – Corrected PartyPoker no HUD when a dash “-“ was in the table name.

      7259 – Updated HMTV to not play a video when clicking the arrows.
      7419 – Corrected crash when trying to play HM2TV videos before the video list populates.
      6355 – Updated HMTV widget pause button restarting the video from the beginning.
      5810 – Updated HMTV player not automatically resizing to fit small resolution monitors.
      5157 – Updated light theme dashboard colors.
      4739 – Updated dashboard to not expand collapsed widgets after a restart.
      5819 – Corrected Cash Efficiency widget not loading initially.
      2791 – Added ability to move the add widgets to dashboard window.
      6108 – Updated PokerStars bounties not being counted when player finishes in the prize pool.
      6103 – Added ability to remove some widgets that were stickied in the past.

      5638 – Added additional options for cap stats at 99%.
      5606 – Added vs Cbet IP/OOP for SRP/3Bet/4Bet pots for Flop/Turn/River stat.
      5579 – Added SB Call vsHero Total stat for all hero positions.
      5332 – Added Flop Cbet vs Hero stat.
      6237 – Corrected issue where stack size stats we’re affected by the Cap All Stats to 99%.
      6059 – Added position shove stats.
      7406 – Updated sort order when adding and removing stats from a report.

      User Interface (UI) Updates
      New site setup feature that allows you to quickly setup your settings by site - This is accessible via the ribbon under options -> Site Setup
      7492 – Updated Player Analysis – Game Type Filter for “All Game Types”
      7475 – Corrected Opponents Summaries mixing all game types.
      7420 – Updated vs player filter to be grayed out when checkbox is not selected.
      7414 – Added a button to open the location of auto import folders.
      7413 – Misc updates to the new Alert System Viewer.
      7341 – Updated copy to clipboard feature when using Skype.
      7112 – Moved Player Analysis filter to Ribbon.
      6871 – Updated theme for HM2 Licensing UI.
      6358 – Updated tourney reports – Tournament Results by day sorting.
      4181 – Added ability to set default export to clipboard format.
      3442 – Added keyboard shortcut to mark a hand during live play. (F9)

      7335 – Updated Line Analysis flop strength when playing live tables.
      7282 – Updated multi-table stat to display a color outline with Auto Rate.
      6935 – Updated Luck Adjusted Winnings graph on the X-Axis.
      6460 – Corrected crash when zooming in on charts. (Very few reports of this.)
      6458 – Updated Hand Viewer not displaying “Pos” column when using RU culture.
      5901 – Updated SciChart controls showing trial edition with Turkish settings.
      5831 – Updated Active Session tab when switching between cash and tournaments
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