Am I a lucrative player?

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      Hi everyone

      I started to play poker with pokerstrategy since february. In february i played a lot, half time studying poker the other half playing. In march I went to college and havent found time to play poker, so I played very little this month.
      After one month without playing poker, now I have one week break in college, and im dedicating this week in playing poker. My goal is to unlock the starting capital, or get closer to it.

      What Im playing:

      With a $109 BR, im playing $1 SNG Turbo at partypoker.

      How im playing:

      Im currently multabling 4 tables. Since theres a promotion called The Gladiator, im trying to achieve 10 points or higher, playing more than 25 sessions.

      Whats the results so far:

      Started BR:$105

      4/4 - $6 profit, playing 27 sessions. BR:$111
      4/5 - $2,86 lost, playing 26 sessions.BR:$109
      4/6 - $3 profit, playing 30 sessions.BR:112 (Started to play 5 tables at once)
      4/7 - $8 loss, playing 27 sessions. BR:104
      4/8 - $5 profit, playing 25 sessions. BR:109
      4/9 - $3 loss, playing 30 sessions. BR:106 (Started to play 6 tables at once)
      4/10 - $4 loss, playing 55 sessions. BR:102
      4/11 - $3 loss, playing 30 sessions. BR 99 X(
      4/12 - No computation, but went down like 94 X(
      4/13 - No computation, but went up to 105 :)

      here is my graph. In the end you can see almost no climbing

      Is it normal to loss some money even when you have a relative high volume?

      Cya :)
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