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TaF and Polish support

    • bigniusia
      Joined: 24.04.2007 Posts: 133
      I am writing with reference to your TaF program.

      I was trying solve my problem with Polish support, but his discompetence disqualify.

      First of all, i apologise for my English, but i am not native speker.

      I find it difficult to believe that such a large number of people are satisfied with the Tell a Friend program. I requested my cash out at 14.12.2009. 18.12.09 i got an ticket that i will not get capital for friends because i didn't met TaF requirements. It was scandalic decision! I affiliated friends from different sources, from websites, facebook, on polish and english poker web board, like , and 23.12.09 i got an message that I met requirements, but my friends didn't. They failed veryfication. How that is possible if they passed the quiz and got starting capital??? If they got starting capital it is obvious that they veryfication is done?Very, very strange.

      How is possible that all my friends failed your procedure?

      If they failed the procedure they account should be closed, shouldn't they?

      So if yes, why the are still active?

      Here is list of my affiliates:

      krakusksg (Last active: 10.04.2010)
      ceftus (Last active: 17.04.2010)
      abberton (Last active: 17.02.2010)

      I understand that i may not get money for betters24 and garnecik, because i think that you locked their account (they weren't active after 18.12.09, when i got an ticket that i will not get my withdraw for friends)

      But why on the hell you didn't rreturn my funds for krakusksg, ceftus and abberton to my main TaF account? I understand that you didn't withdraw money for them because 30 dollars is under cash out limit, so the obvious thing should be returning this 30 dollars to my main TaF balance!

      Also if i had 100 person who signed up and 99 person passed your security checks however 1 person failed means I do not get TAF money? That does not make sence!!!

      In my eyes it looks that someone from Security "stole" my withdraw.

      Hadi i was reading your post and as i noticed you are definetely more qualified person than polish admins. Can you do something which will solve my problem? Because i am trying got an answer from over 5 months, and still no help from Polish support, (they are too lazy to do something).

      If they are afraid about my loyalty i can send you all documents, like proof of adress or scan of id.

      tAF payout 16days ago and nothing here is i think very similar problem, i hope that you will be helpful also with mine!

      Best regards
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    • csnmf
      Joined: 22.11.2006 Posts: 444
      Many cases like this although not too many recently. Just make it public like you are doing and you will tend to see some progress in your case. I just requested a payout so hopefully everything will go smoothly.
    • Hadi
      Joined: 09.08.2009 Posts: 12,303
      Hi bigniusia,

      please be aware that we are acting as a company and my colleagues' word is as good as mine - I am not sure about the details of this case, since some of the information is in Polish, but I will forward this to our security team.

      Please understand that we can't disclose account related matters on the forums due to security reasons, so please stick to the Customer Support form for help.

      Best regards,