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Pieces of lessthanthreee!

    • lessthanthreee
      Joined: 30.06.2009 Posts: 16,300
      Feedback thread: Feedback for lessthanthreee

      Hi there!

      My name is Lessthanthreee. I would consider myself a ‘senior’ member here at After receiving my starting capital a little over 12 months ago, I quickly moved up the Turbo SnG ranks at FTP (under the screen name ‘lessonthree’) blogging my experiences along the way (My Blog). Now I am playing the 36s-120s on a daily basis for a living. Recently I moved house and a large percentage of my BR went towards moving expenses. In order to maintain my BRM I had to move back down to the lower mid-stakes where I felt comfortable with the swings relative to my BR. I am looking to get some backing to quickly move back up to the 60s-120s. Please see below for a full explanation of what I can offer.

      I will be selling pieces of my action at the $55+5 Turbo games on FTP in 200 game blocks. This means you will purchase a % of my winnings for these set games. I will be selling up to 35% of myself in each block and this will be sold on a ‘first come first served’ basis. For this I will be charging a 1% mark-up as I am a professional player, a long-term proven winner over 13,000+ games, and so the risks to you are lower than if you, for example, chose to stake a small stakes grinder who wanted to take a shot.

      Ok lesson, so exactly how will the stake work?

      The total cost of each 200 game block = $60x200 = $12,000

      You can purchase 0.25% of my action or more and this will be an up front cost to you:

      0.25% of $12,000 = $30 (actual $ amount of action purchased)
      1% mark-up ($30+1%)
      = $30.30

      Ok, that sounds good lesson, but how will you pay me (the backer) after the stake is finished?

      You will receive my exact ROI over the 200 games that you bought into as profit.

      For example:

      ROI = 15%

      You receive back the initial $ amount of action purchased ($30 in the example above) + ROI.
      = $30+15% = $34.50 (or a total profit of $34.50 - $30.30 = $4.20)

      ROI = -5%

      = $30+(-5%) = $28.50 (or a loss of $1.80)

      Further information:

      Bonuses and rakeback are NOT included in the deal.

      All transfers MUST be made on FTP. I cannot accept any other poker-room transfers.

      Link to my diamond interview

      Link to my sharkscope

      All games will be cross-checked with both sharkscope and my personal HEM database (we all know SS tends to miss games sometimes, so I will be cross-checking both to make sure the correct 200 game block is recorded properly)

      To clarify, this is ONLY for the $55+5 Turbo SnGs on FTP. I will be playing other limits at the same time, however you will only have a piece of my action at this limit.

      There is obviously a lot of variance in 200 games, however with this variance comes ample opportunity for high returns with relatively low risk (as I am a proven winner and a well respected member of the community).

      You may reserve action by replying in this thread with the amount you wish to purchase. You MUST then also send me a private message to receive further information. Failure to PM me in a timely manner will result in the forfeit of your reservation.

      Railbird info

      I play from 16:00 - 01:00 FTP time (ET) Sunday - Thursday
      I have all chat turned off.


      I have been staked before on these games by a number of well respected SnG players on and other SnG communities. A few people that have successful financial agreements with me in the past are:

      Chenny8888, Wasy8, Demonic226, Kvaughan, Lennonac, NamenIos

      I was fortunate enough to return 21.1% to these backers on my previous staking deal. Here is a screenshot to support that.

      I am also a professional hand evaluator on the basic and silver SnG forums.


      Feel free to ask any questions in this thread and I will add them to this list.

      Q: Lesson, If you are a winning player with a roll why are you selling action?
      A: I recently moved house, and therefore had to withdraw a large proportion of my roll to cover expenses. I am selling off some action to cushion myself while I move back up to the high stakes.

      Q: Why are you charging a mark-up?
      A: This stake is an opportunity for you guys to buy a piece of a proven winning player at the 60s. There is less risk involved while still providing a significant opportunity for high returns.

      Q: When will this start?
      A: I will be giving exactly 1 week for backers to finalise their payments, after this week is finished, I will inform all the backers of the starting point to the stake. This will be in the form of a screen-shot of shark-scope and my HEM data-base so you can track the next 200 game block that you have bought into. I will be updating the title of this thread to indicate when the buy-in period for the current 200 game block will finish.

      Q: If I miss out, will you be doing this again?
      A: Yes, I will be doing this on a 200 game block basis, so you can buy into the next 200 game block if you miss out. However, I will no longer be selling any action once I am comfortable with my BR enough to sustain myself at these stakes again.

      Q: Is there a maximum to how much I can buy?
      A: You can buy up to the full 35%, however I designed the small pieces (0.25%) so that every member, even those with small BRs, have an opportunity to buy a piece if they wish.

      If you are interested please send me a private message in the community section.


      60s Block 1 SOLD OUT!

      119s Block 1: 21.5% remaining

      60s Block 2 SOLD OUT!

      60s Block 3 Reservations:

      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.
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