A pokerbot is an autonomous piece of software that plays poker. This simulated player is called a pokerbot, or bot. The program can play one or more tables at once and makes decisions based on certain algorithms.



The main uses for such software are as training programs and for online play, where the bot plays against people. Most poker platforms and players consider the latter cheating, and the platform operators take measures to curb their use. There is a considerable group of programmers working on such bots, mainly out of scientific and technical interest. They also work on other games, like backgammon and chess, pitting their programs against humans. There are also programmers whose aim it is to make money off the bots.

State of the Art

Since it is difficult to talk about them without specialized knowledge, there is a certain amount of legend and controversy surrounding the state of these bots. it is sure that there are profitable bots on the lower limits in fixed-limit and no-limit Hold'em cash games and tournaments. This is probably because the players on these limits are not very good. Programs developed in the academic sphere, like Vex Bot, are on par with mid-level players.

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