90% of players are unable to fold here - can you?

You're Folding?! Surely you must be joking...

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Beware the small flush

You turned your flush and happily bet it, but a nit makes a big raise. Your small flush will never win here.

A flush is certainly a strong hand, just don’t fall in love with small flushes too much. Especially when a nit 7.5x raises your bet.


A split pot sometimes isn't good enough

On the river you hold a hand that's almost the nuts, but your opponent overbets five times the pot. You don't want to call here!

If your opponent makes a huge overbet in most cases the best result is a split pot, just fold.

strong hands

Strong hands become weak facing action from a nit

If your opponent is super tight, you are in a "way behind/way behind" situation with top pair!

Okay, he can have a flush draw, but still fold. Your opponent is too tight and your hand is rarely good.

Split pot

You got raised twice? Better be careful...

In this hand you got raised on the flop and on the river. Time to say good bye!

In this case Top Pair Top Kicker isn't a hand you want to call the second raise with.

Better be careful...

Sometimes Kings are no good

Yeah-yeah, I know, never fold KK preflop. But seriously, tell me, how many times have you seen a hand other than AA when your opponent min-5-bets you like this?

Sometimes Kings are not good
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Comments (42)

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  • BarryCarter


    I can fold all those spots, because I'm a F****** nit
  • KKNgroup


    On some of the spots it is hard for me to fold, especially on "A split pot sometimes isn't good enough" - sometimes I can not put him on AK there..
  • Boonlight84


    AK splits. as well. You have a FullHouse. Just AQ and 33 had us beat. So for me it would be a fine call.
  • Zeffke


    The KK is too nitty to fold imo
  • KTU


    who tends to call in the split pot spot?
  • JoshLogan


    me :(
  • IvicaIliev77


    KK spot can be too nitty. Have seen guys 5 bet J9s on NL50 zoom IP...
  • AgapieGheorghe


    I never fold KK preflop :D
  • JonasJordan


    i did once, my opponent later told me he had qq
  • kidzoltan


    He lied
  • Mascherano95


    yea thats a lie most of the time, dont rely on that kind of information too much
  • Inv1ctus83


    I folded KK from time to time years ago, but I learned that people play weird with other hands then AA too. So now for 100bb I'm practically never folding KK preflop.

    On the other hand I has a small flush situation an hour ago, just couldn't fold it, even though I suspected as much, that he has a higher flush. ;)
  • darkishbet


    To fold KK in such spot is questionable play imho. Do we really say that his range is only AA here. What about AK and QQ?
  • svonja


  • Scaletta


    The "small flush fold" is definitely an easy one IMO. If you had J high flush at the same situation it would be a lot tougher though
  • dcabello


    I dont think that his range contains AK and QQ on the KK hand, Im not folding anyways.

    I just think that villain range has AA, KK and crap hands.
  • HNRoger



    Look at that hand.... now back to me....now look at the limit....now back to me, now back to the hand..... yes its still a min-raise 5 bet bluff, no its still not ak or qq+ (and its an actually smart assumption of him that the fish min raise made a chain reaction).
  • NLDPeter


    Side effects may include: exploitability, loss of respect from peers, decreased sense of self worth, loss of money against thinking regulars, suicidal thought after your opponent shows you a worse hand and erectile dysfunction
  • carefullz


    not easy but fold
  • GrrrRistic


    Nice post,2 many often AAv Kk @BarryCarter how hella nitty we r ? ! :D
  • vaso014


    Everything can be
  • vaso014


    A 3 k :)
  • vaso014


  • vaso014


    torn 3
  • vaso014


    river A :)
  • vikash62004


    yeah you are right about folding KK as most of the time i got sucked by loose players and mostly lose to A. so first i try to raise preplop and if the villain calls then i try to read the board as and if it doesn't contain any flush, straight draw as well as card like A on the board then i try to continue to play till the end.
  • Ratinha


    A short time ago I ran a filter for KK on my microstakes DB (it's not large at all, some 90K hands). Got 88 showdowns of KK (from villains). The results were Negative (around -400 bb/100). Most or all the losses came from Allins preflop or on the flop. The non-allin showdowns were profitable.

    Has anyone seen something like this in a larger DB? so far it seems that at microstakes KK run into AA in allins preflop or into better hands on the flop more than into dominated hands.
  • Frexas22


    1 and 3 is pretty standard folds. 2 can be hard, i mean he would do this every time with the fourth A, but he wouldnt do it with Q so maybe it is a fold.

    folding KK is bad. I mean folding KK, why are we even playing then.
  • PokarFace


    I'll always call with KK. The rock players on the pot are easy to fold against.
  • 4FT3R


    yeah would call


    folding kk because someone 4 bet you is just stupidIMHO


    also i reccomend the author, probably a coach or something, lol, to put the pot numbers and the stacks and the how much to call clearly seen so we can work some maths.

    i play 2nl but i know better than this coach same lol
  • Ronwose


    If I know there is a possibility, I fold, don't ever bet if I know I can be beat on an over bet.
  • squaddeuce


    I once tank-folded a 9-high flush on the turn. It was for my whole stack in a tournament. The guy showed KJo for a pair of jacks, without even a flush redraw, never mind a higher flush. I had him drawing dead, and I let him bluff me.
  • karlsinn


    I'm the one who shoves in the splitpot :D
  • Saren113


    I don't agree with the KK hand preflop vs a 5b I usally 5b small with my entire range.
  • Hesticus


    Exactly. Pre AI ALWAYS has showdown value and effectively you are laying good pot odds. Additionally, there is enough dead money at the table so you don't need that much equity anymore. Thin value should do the trick.
  • hardlife66


    Re: KK scenario, if this is unusual play ie normally it's a limp or min raise if you re-raise he will call and if you call he will c-bet you regardless of the flop better to fold
  • aashiiche


    I can easily fold all the spot, except spilt draw AAA33.


    I agree....hard to fold a full house. I would fold kk though.
  • Coreyisthebest


    Getting AA is hard too fold but losing with AA is horible
  • samymanole


    5bet click is a move that is well polarized (at least on regulars)... depends a lot on both history - even w/o information I still consider it polarized. With 100bb effective stacks I would easily flat call and take it on the flop where I donk any flop other than K, or just jam preflop - depends on the mood :) At least after this you still get some if he shows AA - but if he shows TT, AKs, 9Ts? that is valuable also for the future.