What you can learn from high stakes reg battles

Watching the biggest online games is a brilliant way to improve your game, if you know what to look for.

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High stakes cash player sirrybob is back watching the biggest games online to see what we can learn from the regulars as an observer. 

Our coach watches the action at NL1000 and NL2000 to see some really interesting 'reg vs reg' battles. Everyone in these games is a tough solid player, so there is a lot to be learned from how they play against each other. 

While you may not be anywhere near these stakes yet, it's very useful to see how our coach reviews the game of these tough players, so you can also know what to look for in your toughest opponents. 

Our coach is currently in a region where PokerStars is blocked, but as he has shown, that is no reason not to keep working on your game. 

uri peleg video

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