$102,000 Super High Roller WCOOP Final Table

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Our high stakes cash player and expert Uri Peleg reviews seven the most interesting hands, from the biggest online tournament we have ever seen so far - $102,000 WCOOP Super High Roller. The final table was filled with stars such as Fedor Holz, our coach bencb, Isaac Haxton and the online cash game legend OtB_RedBaron. Enjoy!


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Comments (13)

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  • ljutigusar


    He is alive!
  • SilaTigraa


    I dont see a good bluff spot there with 22, what hand at all should fish2013 fold when calling this dry kj2 flop to a half pot bet on river?
    Everything else is standart.
  • 88tobinho


    i ´m pretty sure your are underestimating bencb he is also very good postflop!you have to keep in mind that you can´t apply minimumdefense frequencies in spots when one of the ranges has a big range advantage and the co- opening range consists of a lot of Ax-combos but not the sb-calling range.furthermore,bluffcatching is more "expensive" in icm-pressure situations.not saying it is a fold (or call) but it´s definately not a fistpumpsnapcall. I dont know which software your friend used but pushing K3s is just horrible in my opinion ;) checked it with HRC and it´s not even close
  • sirrybob


    Ljuti: <3<3

    In a bluffcatching situation facing a bet he certainly should fold some hands, and I'm sure he would. The flop being dry/wet has nothing to do with it. If he weren't folding any hands he would be what we call a "calling station" and other could quickly pick up on this.
    88tobinho: Minimum defense frequency applies past the flop and certainly applies in this spot - after betting flop and checking turn fish2013 should no longer have any range advantage, on the river the opposite is the case and Bencb is the one with the range advantage.
    I don't think it's a fistpump snapcall either - it is after all just a bluffcatch, ev of calling shouldn't be much above zero. I'm just interested in the fact that Bencb is overfolding these spots and the implications that has for his (probably correct perception) of how this spot is played.

    I will ask my friend what software he used - did you enter the correct prize structure in yours (the bubble here was quite unusual). Either way not an important spot as it's a unique prize structure, but certainly a cool hand imo :)
  • Zolotarsp


    Uri's back! Probably best news for months =D
  • 87bowser


    Hi Uri,
    thank you for the interesting video. I think you made a few very good points!
    Could you please explain shortly, how you get to the requiered MDF?
    I get to a bit higher number than 60%.
  • sirrybob


    Glad you liked it :)
    For potsized bet it's 50%
    For 0.5potsize it's 66%
    for 0.75potsize it's 57%
    I did not make an accurate calculation to reach 60%, wouldn't be surprised if the number is a bit different but it shouldn't be very different.
  • dawidePD


    Good ;P
  • 87bowser


    @ thank you again Uri :)
  • VinnyCout


    nice vid :)
  • MagXedin


    Hey guys!
    I assume there are a lot of experts postflop here
    I need an advise, could you recommend some videos/articles that could help to get into postflop?
    Im pretty good at hyper-turbo sngs, but i feel completely stuped postflop, i want to at least have an idea of what im doing
    Im wary of pure cashgame postflop content, since we have 15-25bb deep postflop, whereas cashgame is about 100bb stacks. Do you think cashgame content could help anyway? Would you recomend some series/author in particular? Are PS articles for cashgame decent? (the sng ones are worthless)
  • sirrybob


    MagXedin: send me a pm I'll point you in the right direction
  • piR


    #16 dunno why you think Ps article are worthless for sng ? they seems quite knowledgeble to me. if you think sng ones are not good enough cash will probably be the same from your point of you as well though.