Negreanu gets bum hunted

We round-up some stories you may have missed including Selbst making headlines and our own editor talks New Year's Resolutions.

Negreanu can spot the sucker

It's never a good sign if a queue forms at your table when you sit down, nor is it a good sign when everybody leaves when you get up. 

KidPoker saw the funny side this week when his table 'instaquit' the second he stopped playing, but the joke is on them this time because he won.

Somerville is perplexed

There are multiple ways to watch the PCA this week and you will always be entertained when it is Jason Somerville breaking down the action.

Here he is with a priceless reaction to a crazy hand in a PCA High Roller this week:

Selbst featured in the finance press

She may have turned her back on poker but it wont be the last time we see Vanessa Selbst, in fact her defection to the world of hedge funds is already commanding headlines. 

She was featured this week in Bloomberg, among other financial media outlets, following joining the world's biggest hedge fund Bridgewater Associates.

Here she is from 2013 when she discussed the similarities between poker and finance with the news organisation:

Carter talks New Year's Resolutions

If you haven't already read this writer's piece on New Year's Resolutions, he was invited onto Unibet's Chip Race Podcast to talk about it in more detail.

It's a show worth staying for too, as it also features Tommy Angelo, Charlie Carrel and an up-and-coming player called Phil Hellmuth:

What do you think of the PCA hand? Is Negreanu a fish at online high stakes? What is your poker resolution for 2018? Let us know in the comments:

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    Yeah, I've heard Daniel speaking about this in PCA coverage.