PokerStars launch Power Up for real money

After a positive response to the Play Money beta test, the innovative new format Power Up has launched for real money play today at PokerStars.

At the time of writing .EU players have access to $1 and $3 games, with $7 and $15 stakes expected very soon, and also soon to be available at .UK and .com.

pokerstars power up
The real money Power Up lobby

PokerStars Power Up is a three handed No Limit Hold’em SNG, but in addition to the usual action each round the players draw one of nine 'Power Up cards' to be used whenever they want in the match (when it is their turn and before going all in). These Power Ups allow a number of advantages including changing hole cards, changing board cards, peeking at unseen cards and stopping others using their own Power Ups. You have an energy balance and each card uses up a certain amount of energy, so you have to pick your spots with the cards.

As a format it closely resembles card games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, but has largely stuck to its poker roots. Check out this writer's thoughts on the format so far. 

Keep your eyes peeled later this week for some special Power Up promotions to celebrate the launch. 

Do you like Power Up? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (8)

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  • tonypmm


    Ouch. I'm not going to learn this format until it's popular enough to be rolled out at $60+ stakes... which probably means never.
  • Tim128


    The format is easy so far, people shoving at you when you still can use powerups is so overpowered!
  • sirilidion


    seems like a fun format to me where a lot of edge is to be gained
  • tonypmm


    #2 It's funny that people are still doing this after all the months of the alpha test. They're not learning fast enough.
  • sirilidion


    #4 people still playing tight passive after I don't know how many decades of poker :D
  • sirilidion


    and loose passive too XD
  • ilmeeturmoney


    I think it is another way to attract new players with more gambling games where good players doesnt have big edge
  • tonypmm


    #7 Power Up is not total gambling. I actually wouldn't mind it having a variable prize pool, but it doesn't because it's designed for a different audience than the one that likes Spin & Gos.