Scott Tom serves one week jail sentence

The Absolute Poker founder struck a plea deal in the US which sees him serve a week in jail, putting to bed his punishment for role in Black Friday.

 Absolute Poker Scott Tom One of the main men behind Absolute Poker, Scott Tom, recently completed one week behind bars after being found guilty of being an accessory after the fact in the transmission of gambling information.

The one-week jail sentence was set for the end of September and came after Tom made a plea bargain with prosecutors five months ago.

Prosecutors consider the matter closed

Absolute Poker online table
Absolute Poker

Back in 2011, Tom, along with 11 others, was charged in relation to poker’s Black Friday while at that time, he managed to evade arrest because he lived in Antigua.

While almost all others charged have served some form of reprimand, Tom only retuned to the US in May to strike the plea bargain which led to the one week recently served. He was also forced to pay $300,000 with prosecutors now considering the matter closed.

While a week-long sentence will seem feeble to those affected, especially as he faced numerous accounts of felony, some are now at least beginning to see their money refunded.

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  • Tumlex


    a single week... This is shameful
  • itsSkyler


    I have to agree, being able to walk away with a single week is disgraceful.