Watch Liv Boeree's 2nd TED Talk

The Team PokerStars Pro delivered a talk which included revealing how her EPT win caused her to overestimate her ability.

Continuing her significant efforts to get promote poker in the wider world, Liv Boeree's second TED Talk was released yesterday. 

In this talk she revealed the three lessons poker has taught her about life, including getting a good sample size and when to trust your gut. 

Perhaps most interestingly of all, she revealed how her EPT win in 2010 led her to greatly overestimate her own ability, which had an adverse effect on her bankroll. 

Watch out also for her affectionate needle at her fellow poker players laughing at how we are not necessarily the coolest people in the world.

This is the second talk Liv has given for the prestigious TED organisation, you can see the first one here

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Comments (2)

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  • OldSchoolPapa


    I 200% Like Liv Boeree. Only on the 3rd point i agree to 50% disagree. Intuition when trained can also be a weapon. I don't talk about pure intuition coming from nowhere. But if you play the same game against the same players you might start to have intuition sometimes incousciously you might analyse patterns , sizing or in live game body language signs or whatever that will alert your instinct about something specific. Of course to rely only on intuition / instinct would be stupid but to be aware of it cannot hurt if you think threw it.
  • CucumbaMan


    That was a great talk! I'm gonna check out her 1st one as well.