Grinding Midstakes - Part 3

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400 - $600
  • Shorthanded
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In part 3 of the Midstakes Grinding series, Somnius tackles c-betting, 3betting and other concepts more deeply. Ranges are explored throughout the video regardless of the action on the tables. The action heats up and you don't wanna miss it.


Grinding Midstakes series Session Review Unibet

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  • CBFunk


  • supasusta


    25min? leicht lächerlich...

    und, titel ist leider falsch. Part 3 wäre richtig.
  • CBFunk


    Danke, ist korrigiert. Bzgl. der Länge: künftige Videos werden wieder Länger sein
  • Dougles


    also ich finde die kurzen vids besser, wenn in defr gleichen Zeit in der Summe das gleiche rauskommt
  • ultrafastspectroscopy


    at 18:14 you say his range is wide etc. so why do you shove over his small flopraise? I mean this guy looks like he can be bluffing here so why take away the chance to bluff of his stack. If you would call the flopraise, stacksizes would be pretty nice for him, since there is a potsize bet left and you could have peeled the flopraise with any kind of draw/weak made hand which he might want to get to fold by a turnshove. Even if he checks back the turn you can easily get stacks in on the river and looking maybe even more bluffy yourself if the str8draws would miss.

    at around 19:30 you discuss the ATs hand on table 1 in regards to being a 3bet pot, which is not the case. You called preflop and bet the Flop and villain c/minraised. So first of all, why don`t you try to get the money in on the flop against his c/minraise? Do you think he is ever c/minraise/folding Ax? Do you think he is c/minr/f any draw given the great odds you gave him for drawing? so what are your reasons for just calling the flop? on the Turn you bet pretty small but I don´t think it makes sense here. villain looks fishy and since this is not a 3bet pot your range is not that strong you thought he percieved you, so I assume you can go somewhat bigger without having him fold any draw. Same thing on the River if he has a missed draw he is going to bluff it or fold, your betsizing allows the fold only imo. Ax is probably calling anyway so you can go either bigger here too or you go pretty small to induce calls of 9x which you thought he might have and give him the opportunity to shove his busted draw.

    Do my thoughts make any sense here?

    For the guys who did comment above: To my mind it is pretty impolite to comment in a language the author does not understand. Since he has no chance to take your feedback seriously and make proper adjustments.
  • Somnius


    #2 - I apologize for the length, it will be made up for in the upcoming videos.

    #5 - 18:14 - I mentioned he's getting it in after he raises small. He will be calling my shove with most of his raising range with his stack size. I also didn't think he'd be continuing on his bluff much after I call a small raise oop which to a player like him might be more suspicious then shoving it in. He'd probably raise call a J but he'd check it down. Of course same goes with all Q's, straight draws etc. Essentially, yes his range is wide, but he still has a range and it's not two cards. If he's minraising with that stacksize it's to stack off with any meaningful hand, in his case meaningful is broad, so we shove.

    19:30 - I min3bet him, look at the potsize.

    sometimes I get the money in on flop sometimes I don't, like most decisions in poker, it depends on the player, I felt this players cmr was not a draw, and was not a weaker ace then mine. I have position, with a strong hand, and a ton of equity facing a polarized range, good recipe for calling. of course I could just shrug and shove, but I'd rather play my opponent properly.

    turn bet could've been bigger yes.
  • CBFunk


    sorry for writing my first comment in German: I was playing poker while reading the comment and didnt recognize that it was an English video.

    Comments to English videos should be written in English
  • Somnius


    Google Chrome has click-translation now which is pretty convenient so not too big a deal. If I can understand it I'll try to reply.
  • Confeti


    Visto hasta 13:55
  • Confeti


    ^^^^^^(my mistake) Very nice vid
  • Shevtshenko


    24:30 with 55. Why don't you protect on flop/turn having almost always the best hand and able to take the pot down without showdown?

    19:30 ATs, what was the thought process with the min3b and would you try to balance such a line?